Be Inspired

Enid Starling (Nan)

We all need people who inspire us. Those who make us look at our own little world and wonder how we can live it differently. Those who give us the impetus to take that step we thought was just a bit beyond us. Those who give our aspirations a keener edge.

Who inspires me? Well I can look over our back fence and remember Kath Walker. In 1938 she graduated as one of Australia’s first women veterinarians. She was also an Australian Yachting Champion and during World War II was the only female commissioned officer in the allied forces. A life well lived. I knew Kath for not quite two years but I greatly admired her spirit. She reminded me of my Nan, another of beautiful and feisty nature. Mum continues that line of strong women. At 71 she about to set off cycling around the Croatian coast.

Brian inspires me. His tales of life lived outside the square are what got me in this grand adventure in the first place. He inherits this from his parents. I have just watched a video of his Mum and Dad walking along ridges in the New Zealand high country that gave me vertigo from my lounge room chair.

Another inspiration? In 2010 Jessica Watson, at age 16, sailed solo around the world. Hers was the first blog I ever followed faithfully and I waited on tenterhooks with every storm for news of her passage. What we all could do if we had the balls of that girl.

This week I take inspiration from another quarter. Morgan, TC, Char, Banjo, Jhumpa and Andrew are about to walk a lap of the Simpson Desert. I think this represents to me the sloughing of society, the freedom that comes from endless horizons and the siren call of the desert which I cannot shake. You can follow their trip at After all, they can tell their story much better than I. Good luck Mob, and safe travels.

6 responses to “Be Inspired

  1. Boy Enid, that sure was a bad hair day.

  2. Mandy, I think you got the words a bit wrong, “Mum continues that line of strong women.” I think that should read “Mum continues that line of WONDER women.”

  3. Mandy, I have just had a read. I love it!! Fabulous, inspiring and entertaining! How wonderful it is to read about some of the wonderful women working in our industry. You go girl! xxx Catch up soon.

    • Thanks, Kristy. I don’t want to get into the political side of our industry, but rather just say how life is here on the land. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh.

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