Are these footprints proof of the legendary Australian Bunyip?

I took these photos at the Coongan River near Marble Bar in Western Australia and that is a geo’s pick for scale, which is about a foot long. Pep was my witness.

But if you don’t believe in bunyips, then what made these prints?

Could there be prizes for the first correct answer?

(Those of you who have already played this game; I know you are itching to tell the world, but please hold off with your answers for just a while…………)


12 responses to “Bunyip

  1. Wow! I have no idea what they but wish I had taken the photo. I thought Bunyips didn’t have paws they have feet. Please let me know when you put up an answer.

  2. Come on Mob, no correct answers to the bunyip challenge yet and the crowd from Bobby Dazzlers Blog (http://www.dazzlerplus.wordpress.com) are also working on it. So far the responses have been a couple of emus and a moa. While I would not like to come across an emu with feet this size, I would be interested in a moa.

  3. camel for sure

  4. I think it’s a joey with club feet.

  5. Emu … if not maybe the Coolatai panther which lurks about the back of the pub late at nite !!

  6. a roo with a stumpy tail? and that perhaps we are viewing the prints upside down?

  7. And the winner is……..broomegirl.

    Yes it is a kangaroo. If you turn the print upside down in your mind you will notice two small spots at the top. These are the front paws. Then there are two larger marks which are the hind legs, and the fifth mark, which is a little different, is the tail. Imagine the roo walking slowly, unbothered and just poking along – he places his front paws gently on the ground and then brings his rear legs up behind him.

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