The Sagebrush Sea

G’Day Mob,

Here you all are, reading about life on an Australian cattle farm – except today. Today you have the opportunity to experience cattle work on the other side of the planet.

Every now and again, as I am trolling through the blogosphere, I come across a blog that resonates with my life here at Rocky Springs. So I would like to share with you “The Sagebrush Sea” by Rachel, written in a lyrical voice and complimented by beautiful photography. In particular, a post entitled “Fall Works: Part II” is a wonderful example of how this industry operates in the desert regions of Idaho, USA.

To the best of my knowledge this is how some of the terms translate to  Australian ones (all inaccuracies are my own):

  • cowboy – jackaroo
  • Fall – Autumn
  • field – paddock
  • corrals – yards
  • pick-up – ute
  • sorting – drafting
  • penned – yarded
  • snake – race
  • chute – crush

So here is The Sagebrush Sea. Enjoy.

One response to “The Sagebrush Sea

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Mandy. I like the translation!

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