Glove Box Guide to Mental Health

G’Day Mob,

That last Ramble (If You Love Her You Will Understand) was a bit depressing wasn’t it? After I wrote it I picked up the latest copy of “The Land” and out fell a glossy booklet titled “Glove Box Guide to Mental Health”. Ha, are the gods trying to tell me something? I didn’t actually read it but it did inspire me to create my own mental health survival guide:

  1. CRY – it helps
  2. READ – escape to somewhere else. At the moment I am reading Les Carlyon’s Gallipoli (OK maybe not the most appropriate under the circumstances). I love the way he writes; on describing a modern day Dawn Service at Gallipoli – “the Australians murder a few slabs of beer and the New Zealanders murder a few vowels”. Perhaps I should be re-reading his biography/memoir on Bart Cummings with witty observations such as when describing a cemetery as having the Catholics hard up against the western fence, the Protestants hard up against the eastern fence and three non-denominational wallabies grazing the middle ground. Les Carlyon, Tim Winton, J C Bendrodt – the mother lode of Australian literature (thought I’d throw that in just in case Les or Tim stumbles across this blog. J C wouldn’t be worried – he died years ago).
  3. GET A DOG – it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, a dog will understand.
  4. NETWORK – you really aren’t the only one finding things a bit hard. I am part of a great group of farming girls who get together on Facebook and conference calls. While we are generally a positive lot it is good to download your frustrations with like-minded people. In the last few weeks the girls have fought fires, had a police guard while droving cattle on the road, freed a stuck cow from a cattle truck (while wearing a mini-dress), shown us a magnificent ten year old poddy steer, watched calves and lambs being born, and all the while celebrated the best things about our industry – amazing stuff.
  5. SHOP – I intend testing this theory this weekend. Look out Dan Murphy’s.
  6. COOLATAI – Coolatai loves a party. This week’s excuse was the Spring Racing Carnival – a Calcutta, the Divas Syndicate, the Melbourne Cup, Star Stable Fantasy Racing and Vinnies dressing – guess you had to be there.
  7. GET A BRIAN – it helps – really, it does.
  8. SLEEPIN – don’t get up at 3am. Don’t get up at 4am. Aim for 8am at least. If you wake up early out of habit try some afterglow (see point 7) and then go back to sleep.
  9. PLAIT – I make Australian plaited stockman’s belts. Each one takes a couple of hours so I turn up the music, turn up the singing and plait. Oh, and I am taking Christmas orders.
  10. MY COUNTRY – by Dorothea Mackellar. Read it again. Print it out, stick it on your wall and read it again.
  11. CHOCOLATE – enough said
  12. LAUGH – see points 2,3,4,6 and 7
  13. BE REALISTIC – if times are tough they are tough. Sometimes all the platitudes in the world won’t make a difference. Sometimes it is better to just say “F%@k it all – I’m going to the pub”. You’ll be surprised who you’ll find there.


Cheers and cold beers,

2 responses to “Glove Box Guide to Mental Health

  1. Glenys Taylor

    Had to look at your Cast of Characters to find out about Coolatai – I thought it was some sort of exoctic drink – like a mai tai .


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