G’Day Mob,

Some of you, dear Mob, are confused. Don’t feel badly about this, I can have that affect on people. I once asked a mechanic to explain to me the differences between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine and after ten minutes of questioning from me he had no idea. Don’t know if the poor bloke has ever recovered.

It seems your confusion, Mob, is in the time-warping ability of the Rambles. Essentially if there is a date written in long hand in italics before “G’Day Mob” then this is an old Ramble (we are currently up to August 2008). If there is no date in italics then it is something that I am rambling on about in the present.

Hope that clears things up. Any suggestions are welcome.

And can anyone tell me the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine?

Two retired hats, two lived in hats and one “I don’t want to wear it, it’s too new” hat (and a good rock collection from your retired geologist)



2 responses to “Clarification

  1. And further to that, why do some two-stroke engines require a 100 to 1 mix and some require a 50 to 1 mix and what kind of disaster ensues if you get that mix wrong (ie, should you ‘fess up or just leave it?)

  2. One needs revved more than the other, right? I will never know for sure. Love the picture, I’ve a bit of a soft spot for rocks.

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