The Lizard Man of Coolatai

Coolatai (population nearly 30), and the 100-odd residents on surrounding properties that make up our community, is a potpourri of personalities and talents. We have all sorts of weird and wonderful characters and we even have a lizard freak.

Alexander Dudley is our resident herpetologist and poet. As well as being a wealth of knowledge on our reptilian friends and an astute observer of Coolatai life, he is also a pretty decent photographer.

Alex has kindly shared the following photos with us – all creatures with which I share Rocky Springs.

Green Treesnake

Green Treesnake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus)


Box-patterned gecko (Lucasium steindachneri)

Lace Monitor

Lace Monitor (Varanus varius)

21 Yetman Road Coolatai NSW

Yellow-faced Whipsnake (Demansia psammophis)


Eric, an undescribed member of the Egernia cunninghami
complex locally known as “Scaleyback”

Litter Skink

Tree-base Litter Skink (Lygisaurus foliorum)

Sand Goanna

Sand Goanna (Varanus gouldii)

You can view more of Alex’s photos at

All photos are copyrighted – please don’t use without permission.

4 responses to “The Lizard Man of Coolatai

  1. What fantastic photos!

  2. Beautiful creatures!

  3. We live in an amazing country don’t we?

  4. Yes, we do live in an amazing country, filled with beautiful creatures that we seldom see.

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