The Tumbledowns Turn

G’Day Mob,

One of the joys of living in the Coolatai area is the magnificent Tumbledown Gums (Angophora costata), also known as smooth-barked apple gums. Each year in the summer these beautiful trees drop their grey winter bark and emerge resplendent in shades of orange and red.


The young ‘uns crowd together to form their own forests,


while the old and the wise stand proudly aloof.


Their branches curl and wind towards the sky,


and their bark shimmers in the summer sun.


They stretch their roots deep into the sandstone soil (though this one flirts with the black),

 After Fire5

and after a fire provide the most startling contrast.

Grandpa Tumbledown 1

Of them all, this bloke is the most famous. He sits beside the road north of the village and is known by some as the Coolatai Tree. I call him Grandpa Tumbledown.

Beautiful to look at but do you know why they are called Tumbledowns?

3 responses to “The Tumbledowns Turn

  1. Beautiful pictures! Don’t know why they’re called Tumbledowns, but my guess would be that they have a habit of dropping limbs.

  2. Diane Sweeney

    Mandy your photographs are just wonderful. Sometimes they are called ‘widow makers’ in our family. I throughly enjoyed the walk with you looking at the Tumbledowns. Should be more of it

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