Another Week

G’Day Mob,

Due to popular demand, and following on from the drought conditions of One Week  I now bring you a week’s work in a good season. In 2013 summer has been characterised by baking hot days (>40O) interspersed with beautiful soft rain. So here goes:

Fed Animals – well actually I only fed the dogs. The cattle have abundant feed in the paddocks and are fat and happy. The horses are also fat and happy. Cobey has checked into Weight Watchers.

Played Sport – there was a huge roll-up to Coolatai Gym on Wednesday night. All four of us went to the river and did water aerobics.

Watched Grass Grow – our black basalt soils are full of water and the grass is growing before our eyes. Coolatai Grass sends up a seed head in about three days. It is lucky we have dogs so we can still find the troughs:

With Bo in trough

Marketed Grass – would you believe we have an excess of grass? This week we entered into negotiations to take agisted cattle onto Rocky Springs. Now this hasn’t happened for a while.

Checked Water – we will always have to use the pumps as the bore is our main supply of water but it has been complimented of late by the creek which is running clear and strong. The hot days are a good time to clean troughs: drain them one day, leave them to bake and then shovel out the dirt. Although sometimes the hardest thing to get out of a trough is a Huntaway:

Cleaning Trough

Checked Cows – my favourite job at the moment is the daily checking of the cows. Nothing is better than riding into a paddock and watching cows at play. They head-but each other. They gallop. They pig-root. They run up to me and, because I have Clyde with me, they offer their condolences on such a weedy calf.

Went to the Wallaroo – stuff making home-brew. I gave up on that idea when I realised I was the one washing the bottles, sterilising the bottles, putting down the new brew, bottling the beer and cleaning up, and Brian merely drank it.

Socialised – yes, we did go to the pub one evening, but a hot summer means most of the socialising is done on the river – swimming, canoeing and fishing. Fishing means you are supposed to catch fish. I am not. Canoeing is a much better idea – especially on dusk:

Reflections on Macintyre 1

Mind you Brian thought canoeing on dusk had lost its allure when a storm came through, span his canoe around, tied him in fishing line and tried to put him on the bottom of the river.

Watched Storms – when not caught on the river in a storm we have been contentedly watching them from the Rocky Springs veranda. Storm watching is up there with checking cows as one of my favourite pastimes.

Lost Chess – rain at Rocky Springs means you have the choice of staying indoors or going outside and getting bogged in black soil. When the bookwork is done and cabin fever sets in Brian and I play chess. I lost again this week.

Got Bogged – well sometimes cabin fever becomes too much and you think the black soil can’t be all that bad. After two days of rain it was into the paddock on the quad and down to the axles in the mud.

Mowed the Bloody Lawn (Again) – In 2008 I think I mowed the lawn around the house twice all year. In 2013 it is a weekly event, but gee it looks good.

Got the Cows to Write a Ramble – OK so the cows can’t actually type, but Manfred would like to have the last word: “Look mate, it’s all good; grass and girls”.


One response to “Another Week

  1. Menfred and his girlfriend are beautiful!

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