Mustering in the Sorghum

G’Day Mob,

This morning’s job was mustering cows and calves (and one bull) from a paddock of sorghum. The good season means the sorghum has grown well but it does make mustering a bit more of a challenge when you can’t see the animals. Best to take a lot of patience and a keen sense of hearing. A taller horse would help as well.

There are two bovines in this photo. I only know that because I was following them, but can you spot them? (Apologies for crappy mobile phone photography on moving equine).

Mustering in Silk


4 responses to “Mustering in the Sorghum

  1. Hello Mandy, I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award and in turn, I’ve tagged you. If you choose to participate, hop over for the rules. Thank you!

  2. The purple hue is lovely.

    • G’Day Elaine – thanks for your comments and for being the 50th follower of the Rocky Springs Rambles. A milestone in the blogging life!

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