Beautiful Brahmans

G’Day Mob,

Following on from the last post (The Brahman and the Brown Snake) I thought it was an opportune time to share some cow photos with you. Being cattle traders we see all breeds of cattle come onto Rocky Springs but my favourites are the brahmans. They need a little extra room when being worked in the yards, and watch out if you get between a protective brahman and her calf, but unbothered in the paddocks they are the most beautiful of animals.

Brahmans Sep07

Brahman Calf Dec08

Baby Brahman

Terbutt Brahman

Brahman Legs1

I was lying on the ground taking the last two shots with cows sniffing my hair and licking my boots. It all became too much for Bo who was in the back of the ute. He jumped out and came to sit beside me – to protect me from those fearsome cows.


4 responses to “Beautiful Brahmans

  1. I think I just gained a new appreciation for the brahmans! I particularly liked the second and last photos.

  2. You’ll love this Mandy….We recently went on a visit to a farm with a local 16 year old … first question as we went through the first gate and Rex and I were admiring a handsome bull was “Ewww … why do we need bulls anyway??” and then “that loose skin on their necks … is that where they store their milk??” Aargh…What has the world come to!!

    • Well Lynne I hope you and Rexy educated her. I remember in primary school when the class was asked where milk came from and one child responded “From a bottle”. We still have a bit of work to do to bridge the rural/urban divide.

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