G’Day Mob,

I am feeling a little vulnerable. See my problem is that you, my beloved followers and voyeurs, know a fair bit about me from these ramblings – but I know so little about you.

I wonder who you are and where you are from.

Of course I know some of you. There are a fair number from Coolatai keeping an eye on me and waiting for their names to appear in a blog post (patience my friends, it is coming), and I know the reles drop in now and again but what about the rest of you?

Some of you I feel I know from the comments you make and the blogs you write: from the high deserts of the USA and the eternal snow-bound wilds of Canada to the outback of Australia and the bloke with the racehorse that can’t race.

But there are others. I have found the Isle of Man on a map as someone keeps coming back from there (now is the Isle of Man a part of the UK or Ireland or a separate entity altogether?) and I suspect there may be followers from other parts of the UK, the USA and even Western Australia.

So talk to me dear Mob. Let’s start with the basics:

  • What is the population of your nearest town or city (in my case Coolatai, population 30 – if you don’t count the dogs and cows)?
  • And next, the age-old question – how’s the weather (overcast with a chance of rain tonight)?

Come on, you can do it. Relieve this vulnerability. Speak to me Mob.

27 responses to “Curious

  1. Hi- I’m from Sydney, but grew up in country NSW… As for the weather? it looks like rain…we need it but.

    • G’Day Jo, What part of NSW did you grow up in? It is raining here today – a good excuse to do some writing rather than chase cows.

      • My Dad is a Tumbarumba boy, but as he was a country bank manager we moved around- Merriwa, Bombala & the Blue Mountains before back to Sydney the year I did my HSC.

      • I guess changing schools all the time would have been hard with a travelling Father, but you got to see some great parts of the country.

  2. Hi, currently from Cairns which is WAY too big with a population of 153 075. I’m biding my time for now but accepting that it is where I am for now.The weather is hot, humid with showers. Before that when I started blogging it was a Cattle station in Western QLD, the Desert Uplands, population 12 all the family excepting me. Closest town Aramac (around 2.5hrs away) with a population of 340. At the moment the weather out there is cooling and dry with no rain in sight and no wet season arriving. And right now I am on a Dairy Farm on the Tablelands for the weekend, closest town Millaa Millaa population 295 or more. The weather is sunny with some clouds and a cool breeze. Looks like a dry day today.

    • G’Day Anne, I remember a beautiful few days in a tent in rainy Milla Milla. We didn’t mind at all as we had just spent three months travelling across the top of Australia and hadn’t seen rain for ages. It is a gorgeous spot. We passed through Aramc last year and I thought the river would be good for a paddle – but we were out of time. I have just started following your blog – thanks for posting 🙂

  3. HI I’m Helga, you know me a bit, but not that much. Did you know I was a motorbike courier in Sydney once for 3 years? Did you that I once was a bakers assistant on K Rd in Auckland. I was married in San Pedro of Atacama Chile In Feb and then on a farm in Australia in Oct in the same year to Shane. I worked in Malaysia for a couple of weeks and was there when Princess Diana died. I was at the opening of the Sunway Lagoon Resort In Malaysia and a certain recalcitrant prime minister walked straight past me. And I made Billy Connelly laugh once in Sydney.

  4. Weighing in from the high desert, where here near Bruneau, Idaho, USA (Pop: 200) the weather is a clear and beautiful 65 degrees (Fahrenheit).

    • I have just googled Bruneau and found the most amazing sand dunes. Are you near them? And our temperature on this rainy Sunday is 21 degrees celcius (about 70 farenheit).

      • Yep, the dunes are just over the hill. They are amazing, a great place to see the night sky. Also a serious indication that the wind blows here (frequently)!

      • I love sand dunes – save a spot for me around your dinner table 🙂

  5. I’m not sure how many followers you have in the “eternal snow-bound wilds of Canada” but I haven’t mentioned snow that often so it could be someone else:)

    I live inside the nearest city – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with 239,000 others. It’s cloudy and headed for -9C tonite and up to -6C tomorrow. We had enough warm weather over the last few days so the snow is melting. It’s starting to feel like early spring which means buying extra windshield washer to clear the muck.

  6. Hello Mandy- I’m here in the flat, dry and windy plains of west Texas and eastern New Mexico-USA- We are in the middle of a 4 year drought and hoping for some rain today. I have just started following your blog and really enjoy it.

    • G’Day Kat, Welcome aboard. Wow, Texas, I am starting to get a wonderful itinery together for my world trip. My heart goes out to you in the drought. Though we are having a good season here, once you’ve experienced a long drought I don’t think it ever leaves you. People tell you it will rain again one day but it doesn’t feel that way does it? Especially living on the land it just cuts straight to your soul. I wish I could send some water to you. Stay strong – there are others thinking of you 🙂

  7. Hello there from the UK. I live on the south coast, a stones throw from the beach and wonderful countryside nearby, I have spent some lovely holidays travelling in QLD and came to love your fantastic country, It is so wonderfully NOT CROWDED. We are having a late spring here, with most of the country still covered in snow and ice and temps hovering around freezing – and today was officially the start of British Summer time.

  8. Further to…….

    I see I did not mention my town in case you want to go googling….BEXHILL, in the county of East Sussex.

    • G’Day Shelley, Yep, you’ve been googled. I see Bexhill is just a quick swim away from France, so I’ve added that to the world tour. Next time you’re back in Australia let me know and I’ll bring you to a place that is never crowded.

  9. Hi Mandy! I’m in Brisbane .. population lots! Have been in Queensland for nearly 25 years, so I regard myself as a Maroon now. Grew up in a little coastal town in NSW called Woy Woy. We’ve had enough rain here for a while, with floods that you would have seen. Looking forward to a nice uneventful few months!

  10. And I forgot my blog title would come instead of name .. which is Dave!

    • G’Day Dave – it’s the bloke with the racehorse that doesn’t like the rain! Brisbane is just up the road from us (about 6 hours drive) so I might start the world tour at the Eagle Farm racecourse. Go Pierro.

  11. I was born and bred on QLD’s Sunshine Coast, and have travelled both our wonderful country and others before returning to my home town. It’s pouring here today, much like it has since Australia Day!

    • G’Day Katy,
      The Sunshine Coast isn’t far from Eagle Farm so you might be second stop on the world tour! Thanks for dropping by the Rambles.

  12. Hi there from sunny, Southern California. Yorba Linda to be exact. Home place of Richard Nixon and about 15 minutes from Disneyland, home of that famous mouse! Today it was only 65 degrees F. What I wouldn’t give to live where you do. Lots of open spaces, beautiful animals and birds. Instead, we have traffic jams, soccer moms, and smog. We escape to the mountains sometimes, that’s where I grew up. However, when I have more than a few days, I head to Oklahoma and Tennessee. The South is friendly, warm, green and the food is to die for! Wishing you a good day!

    • G’Day Susan,
      Welcome to the Rambles. I went to Disneyland about twenty years ago so I can picture where you live, and yes I can remember there being lots of people and smog. I too would prefer to live where I do.

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