10 Signs There’s a Puppy About


  1. Socks are missing
  2. There is a boot in the middle of the lawn
  3. You can’t take two steps without tripping over
  4. There are chew marks on your thongs
  5. Milk consumption has risen
  6. A fluffy ankle weight is attached to the bottom of your jeans
  7. There is a tormented wailing coming from the back shed
  8. A puddle appears by the front door
  9. Arms are covered in sharp-puppy-teeth scratches
  10. Something is moving under the dirty clothes in the laundry




8 responses to “10 Signs There’s a Puppy About

  1. It is an international infestation! A puppy pandemic!

  2. Wish we had a puppy terrorising us at the moment. Have to wait a little bit! Just coming by from your post on Blog Chicks to say hi.

    • G’Day Annaleis – I’ve just been over at your blog! I’ll be heading back there again soon for a longer read – you are have some interesting ideas. Keep up the great work.

  3. I miss having a puppy!!!

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