Cast Your Vote

G’Day Mob,

Imagine for a moment that you have just spent the week at Rocky Springs. We have been mustering, done plenty of yard work, bought some stock at the cattle sale, fixed some fences, mixed the water medicator, pumped water, trained dogs, ridden horses, etc. etc.

Now it is the weekend. What would you like to do? Cast your vote below:

Get your votes in early Mob, and I will bring you photos of your favourite activity next post.

And stop laughing – this is high entertainment in rural Australia.


8 responses to “Cast Your Vote

  1. Or option h.) head to the coast and eat seafood and drink champagne from the spa !!

    • Ah, only a sister would know what I really want to be doing, but somehow I don’t think photos of us in the spa with prawns and rum would appeal to the masses!

  2. Perhaps you need to also put up a list of the things you dislike doing to see if there’s much difference.

    • I can start that dislike list with this morning’s activity: helping to fix truck brakes with an alarm screaming in my ear. Nobody’s idea of fun I’m sure.

  3. As a Yank, I’m not done with the vernacular so I’m gonna throw caution to wind and hope for an interesting outcome.

    • Can I translate? Which bits of the vernacular have stumped a Yank? 🙂

      • Put down a Hangi? I’ll be eagerly awaiting a translation. perhaps illustrated. A picture is worth a hundred words 😉

      • Rachel – you could be in luck, the hangi is currently leading the poll results. So stay tuned, there will be a hangi post soon!

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