And The Winner Is

G’Day Mob,

I fear that last week’s survey  may have been hijacked by Kiwis as the clear answer to the question “What should we do this weekend?” was:

Put Down a Hangi

However I realise that a few of you voted for the hangi because you had no idea what a hangi was. That led me to wonder what other terms, that I throw around here on the Rambles, were leaving readers scratching their heads. So before we launch into the much anticipated (and as promised, very photogenic) hangi story, let’s take a moment to refresh our vocabulary.

  • HANGI – “hangi” is a Maori word for a large feed cooked in an earthen oven; in our case usually accompanied by a large party.
  • MAORI – the indigenous people of New Zealand
  • KIWI  – any New Zealander (a Kiwi is also a flightless New Zealand bird)
  • NEW ZEALAND – small country to the southeast of Australia where the people thrive on rugby union and sheep
  • COOLATAI – our local community and village (population 31)
  • WARIALDA  – our nearest town, 40km away (population 1300)
  • INVERELL  – our nearest major centre, 110km away (population 16,000)
  • TRACTOR PULL  – “Pull a Tractor” did not get many votes in the survey, possibly because no-one knows what one is, or possibly because it did not sound all that interesting. Well, actually a Pull can be a lot of fun (see earlier ramble “Letter To Pa”  for a full explanation)
  • BLIND LAWNMOWER  – this came second place in the survey and involves driving a ride-on lawnmower while blindfolded. Also see “Letter To Pa”
  • DUNGEON – this got several votes in the survey but I’m not going to elaborate here – that is a Ramble for another day
  • BLOCK – parcel of land anywhere between half an acre to several million square kilometres in size
  • STOCK ROUTE  – government owned land set aside for the movement and grazing of stock
  • SOLICITOR – (stay with me Mob, these definitions will become clearer in the Hangi Ramble) – several meanings come to mind but in this context a solicitor aids in the buying or selling of a block
  • SIDNEY KIDMAN – legendary Australian cattle-man; owned many blocks in outback Australia
  • OUTSTATION  – a block separate to the main block
  • LOO – toilet, water closet, bathroom, outhouse, dunny
  • UTE  – utility vehicle, tray-back, pick-up
  • STUBBIE  – bottle of beer
  • TUCKER  – food
  • SLOUGH  – a Canadian puddle – absolutely no connection to the Rocky Springs Rambles but thanks to Lyle all the same for the explanation
  • CHIANINA  – (pronounced key-a-knee-na) – thanks to Emma  for the identification of four cows that walked off our truck last week
  • VERNACULAR  – what you have just increased (with thanks to Rachel)

So Mob, now that you are all worded up, let’s move onto the “Outstation Hangi”


5 responses to “And The Winner Is

  1. Fantastic, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us uneducated Yanks! I’ll be practicing my new vocab in cow camp.

  2. Thanks for all that. I knew 7 of them before I read your definitions. I’m not entirely sure we speak the same language sometimes!

    • That’s because you speak Canadian and I speak Aussie. Post a Canadian version and I probably won’t do any better than 7 either.

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