Telling Stories

G’Day Mob,

Too often in the media all we hear of agriculture is doom and gloom with a side helping of woe. It’s not all like that and I hope by reading the Rocky Springs Rambles you are all gaining an appreciation for the things we love about this life.

Today I want to tell you about another couple of sites that also promote the positive side of working on the land.

Now if you haven’t discovered her all ready, get over to run by the remarkable Steph Coombes, “a city girl who wanted to share her experiences venturing into the world of agriculture”. Steph started the site as a personal blog but after working in the live export industry she gained great media attention and her blog morphed into the aforementioned site. Steph does an incredible job of drawing together voices like the Rocky Springs Rambles and provides an outlet for anyone in the industry to have their say – blog or no blog. She is currently running a guest competition and collating a wonderful collection of rural stories – from those recovering from the devastating Queensland floods, to photo galleries of remote cattle stations, how to kill and eat your own meat …. and there even may be a set of crazy cartoons describing how to get a bull onto a truck .

Another site I have discovered recently is Faces of Agriculture .This is an American site set up by Elizabeth Martin and Jamie Rhodes. In their own words “we’re here to tell the stories of the real people in the agricultural industry. We’re more than just cows and crops, we’re people and families and generations of hard work.” Brian and I had the great opportunity to be part of their site this week, so hop on over and take a look.

Lastly, one of my favourite rural bloggers is Bessie at Burragan. You may have to wait a little bit long time between posts but when one comes along it is a good idea to boil the billy and settle in. This post on how not to muster a paddock  had me in tears of laughter – swap the sheep for cattle and I have been with Bessie every step of the way.


Sunset Sea

7 responses to “Telling Stories

  1. The gals over at Faces of Agriculture are WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! We were soo happy to feature you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the plug Mandy! You’re too sweet. And I love catching up on what you’ve been doing too! 🙂

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