Rum-Spa-Prawn Habit

G’Day Mob,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been stuck in a spa.

See Brian and I have this habit, well truth be told, it borders on an addiction. When it’s too wet, too dry, too dusty or too …….. (insert your own excuse) on the farm and we need to get away, we drive five hours east to an apartment overlooking the ocean, with a spa on the balcony, rum in the hand and plenty of fresh prawns awaiting consumption.

For the last eight years we have regularly found ourselves at Lennox Head on the north coast of New South Wales, a sleepy surfing village with a population of 8000 (city-like in comparison to Coolatai).


And here, in the same apartment each time, we have developed and nurtured our rum-spa-prawn habit.

Our days here are sloth-like. We get up late, make it as far as the couch for some reading, maybe cruise the main drag of Lennox, get in the spa, read, sleep some more, get back in the spa, eat, sleep and unwind. The hardest decision of the day is where to eat because although the bare-foot and board shorts attire of the locals suggests everything is pretty casual, the eating experiences are sensational.

Each visit I rock up at the Thai Gardens for a serve of Tom Kha soup – exceptional. In eight years I have never got past this one item on the menu. Other gourmet delights in town include gorgonzola drenched pasta and rib-eye steak, kefalograviera and marinated figs, baked ferrero rocher chocolate and of course fresh prawns.

The prawns usually make it back to the balcony where years of catching the little critters on the south coast make me a gun prawn-peeler. And they slip down the throat easier with the bottle of sauvignon blanc that always accompanies them.

When general slothing becomes a bit hard to take we may find the energy to walk to the beach


and if really energized we may walk along the beach – not far along mind you, although once we did walk the whole 5.8 miles that compile Seven Mile Beach. It’s all part of the unwinding process – walk and think of nothing except where we are going to eat tonight – and dodge the pelicans.


I have watched plenty of sunsets and moonrises from the spa

Orange Moon

but in eight years I have only dragged myself out of bed early on one occasion to watch the sunrise – but it was worth it.


Ah, Lennox – I feel it may be time for another visit already.


8 responses to “Rum-Spa-Prawn Habit

  1. Sounds like a little piece of paradise.

  2. Very nice … you are making me want a beach holiday.

  3. Sounds like heaven….enjoy.

  4. your picture on the beach is worthy of being included on this page

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