The Joy of Spring

G’Day Mob,

Spring has sprung.

Roses are budding.

Calves are frolicking.

I run through a field of flowers towards my beloved.

Aah, bah humbug, spring really means ………………….


I can’t breathe.

I want to claw my eyes out.

My nose drips. Constantly.

My lips itch.

So do my ears.

And my face.

I have grey bags under my eyes.

I look and feel about ninety.

Bring me summer.


Or a six week holiday in a pollen free environment.

Any suggestions?


8 responses to “The Joy of Spring

  1. Come to Canada – we’re just nicely getting into my favourite season, fall. Problem solved.

  2. Ick I feel bad for you. I hope it passes.
    In reply to your comment … Hi Mandy, These photos were taken on an old lumix. A lot of my photos are taken on my small lumix that I can chuck in my pocket or my Fujifilm finepix HS20. My Fuji make me feel like I have an awesome SLR but isn’t one and of cause didn’t come with the price tag of one either (nice China buy there). Other than that I was using a newer model Sony that had great zoom for a small camera. Thanks for your comments and hope that gives you some ideas.

    • Thanks Anne – I have narrowed my camera choices to a Canon, a Nikon, another Finepix (I have one of the earlier models) and a Sony. Clear as mud, but thanks for the advice 🙂

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