You Read It Here First

G’Day Mob,

Regular readers of the Rocky Springs Rambles will recall a post from December last year when Coolatai lizard man, Alex Dudley, shared some of his remarkable wildlife photos. If you missed it check it out here.

Well, dear Mob, you were actually getting a sneak peak of something special. Alex and I have since collaborated on a story for RM Williams Outback magazine.

"Special Skinks"; Issue 91

“Special Skinks”; Issue 91

I expect you all to rush out and buy the latest edition of Outback (Issue 91, Oct/Nov 2013) and read all about a little scalyback skink called Eric, and his close relatives Erica, Ericson, Bootle and George.

If rushing out and buying a copy is not going to cut it in your corner of the world, you can view an extract here.

And you can tell all your friends – “Oh I read about that ages ago. I knew them before they were famous”!


7 responses to “You Read It Here First

  1. And here I thot you were famous now! Well this article ought to tip the balance. Good for you!

  2. nice one Mandy..

  3. Well done! I’ll keep an eye out for the article when I get my Mag.

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