Rainbows and Grasstrees

G’Day Mob,

Way back in July 2012 (a lifetime in blogging land) I wrote about the wonderful
grasstrees or xanthorrhoea  on Rocky Springs. Now it is Spring 2013 and the xanthorrhoea are flowering in masses that I have not seen before, sending cream coloured spikes high into the air and attracting squillions of insects, dainty butterflies and a rabble of squabbling rainbow lorikeets.

The grasstrees grow in colonies either on open paddocks

Flowering Grasstrees 2

or in denser bushland.

Grasstree Bush

and although the flower spikes are generally straight, there is always one in a crowd that wants to be different.

Twisted Grasstree

The Rainbow Lorikeets love them. They congregate on the flower spikes, chattering and squabbling, vying for the best position, and occasionally they even pose for the camera. Enjoy……






4 responses to “Rainbows and Grasstrees

  1. I like those grass trees – especially the crooked spike!

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