Traffic Chaos

G’Day Mob,

Usually I can drive the 90km round-trip to Warialda and pass maybe half a dozen vehicles, but this week the world has gone mad. With the wheat harvest in full swing and cattle from drought affected Queensland on our stock routes there is traffic chaos around Coolatai. Here is my tally from today’s trip to Little Town: 

3 grain trucks
1 grey nomad (Coolatai term for caravan)
1 header

1 friend and her support team providing escort for the header

Escort team

1 quad bike
1 bikini tree

1 emu
2 cattle trucks
3 scarecrows


13 utes (that’s right thirteen!!)…………… and 6 dogs
1 fox
3 traffic hazard signs

Traffic Hazard

12 kangaroos
3 church cars (Coolatai term for sedan)
1 brahman mob

Brahman mob
1 cyclist
1 kamikaze “P” plater
1 reminder to drive carefully

Drive Carefully
And there was even a traffic light

Traffic Light
which of course was red!

I would have stopped for the red light but instead snuck off the road, grabbed our mail

and headed up the road to the sanctuary of Rocky Springs.

It is getting a bit crowded out there in the big, wide world.


(With thanks to guest photographer and good friend Amy Grabham)


8 responses to “Traffic Chaos

  1. Great post. You are definitely going to have to move further back into the country! Thanks for the helpful descriptions of your colourful Aussie terms – the only one I didn’t get was a “kamikaze “P” plater.”

    • Thanks Lyle. A “P” plater is someone (usually a teenager) with a provisional driver’s licence. This particular “P” plater was travelling way too fast so you might say he was kamikaze (suicide bound) or as my Dad would have said “he’s going to lose some claret”. Hope that explanation helps!

  2. Sounds like it’s getting a bit built up.Soon you will be developing your land into surburban blocks..

    • You’d better get up here quick Kath and secure your block. Would you like the sandstone walls, a little spot by the creek or the old pumpkin patch perhaps?

  3. Thanks Mandy for reminding me why I love living in Coolatai. This arvo I’ll do a quick tally of the things passed on the 20km trip to mum’s this afternoon. Looking forward to going home next weekend just for the 2 days.

    • G’Day Di, I’m looking forward to your tally. Please report it here on the blog. We have plenty of catching up to do next weekend – Calcuttas, race-days etc. See you then.

  4. I know we’re from the country and traffic lights aren’t that common but do we really need a sign saying “Stop here on red signal”? Think we could have figured that one out on our own.

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