Nature’s Wanton Palette

G’Day Mob,

As I find myself once more sitting on the Rocky Springs veranda wanting for rain it is timely to remember perspective. We are not desperately dry at Rocky, though we have been before and we will be again, but we are dry enough for tensions to be on the rise. But as the heat builds we also know that we will see green and abundant seasons again. It is all part of living with Nature’s wanton palette. Come and see how the colours fall on this land we love:

1.  Tank Paddock

79 Glen orton

This photo was taken in May 2008 in the middle of a drought.

79 Tank green

While this is Clyde and I in the same spot seven months later, ten days after good rain.

2. Creek Laneway

79 clover

Bonnie and I in clover (or burr medic by its proper name) in September 2010. In the six years we have lived at Rocky this was the only year when we had a clover spring.

79 thistles

The same area two months later in November 2010 when the burr medic had finished and was replaced with variegated thistles.

3. Creek Paddock

79 Jan08

In January after summer storms even the Coolatai grass looks green and lush

79 Creek winter

But by winter the Coolatai grass is once again brown and long, with little nutrition.

4. Front Paddock

79 House green

The house complex around Christmas last year


And how it looks this month.

Come on Huey – send her down……….


6 responses to “Nature’s Wanton Palette

  1. You don’t have to go anywhere to find different landscapes – just wait a while. Those are remarkable changes in a relatively short time.

    • Yes Lyle, when we do get rain the response is very quick with our grass. We just need enough rain to wet our black soils properly – little bits don’t do much when it is this dry.

  2. It is amazing the difference there is in the land with the seasons and with rain. I hope it rains soon for you, for many others.

  3. that was interesting seeing the difference – well catalouged!

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