Bribery …… no sorry I meant Giveaway!

G’Day Mob,

Well, in a first for the Rocky Springs Rambles I have a giveaway (cue applause). One lucky reader will be sent the current edition of RM William’s Outback magazine, with a short story by yours truly on harvesting Coolatai style.


But this is not a game of chance and there is a catch. I need your help. I am drowning in anxiety.

See the problem is that the Rocky Springs Rambles are hosted on a free WordPress site. This means that WordPress may, from time to time, attach advertisements to the blog. And my problem is that I can’t see any from this end. So I don’t know if I’m advertising, or how often, or what (and here my mind really runs away with the possibilities).

So, dear mob, in the comments section below please tell me if you are seeing any advertisements. Tell me how often you are seeing them. Tell me what (cringe) I may be advertising. Or better still, tell me you’ve seen nothing. And go in the running to win this great magazine. With great photos like this:


All comments received before 9pm (my time) on Monday 9th Dec will be judged by an expert (no not Cobey or Desley) and the winner will be announced in the next post.

Thanks mob – hopefully panic attack avoided.


28 responses to “Bribery …… no sorry I meant Giveaway!

  1. Hi Mandy. Yes, being a fellow WordPress blogger, I’ve sometimes wondered about the same matter. However, having just perused your blog fairly comprehensively, I see no sign of any ads. Maybe that’s because right now it’s night-time at WordPress HQ, and there’s nobody around to stick the little ads on before they send the blogs out to the people who ask to have a look at them. Maybe I’ll try again when it’s daytime over there.

    • I’d appreciate you trying again in WordPress daytime – thanks 🙂 And for the record I have never seen ads on your blog either.

      • Well, I’ve tried again when it’s daytime for them, but still no ads! Beats me. But those Americans are strange people — I’ve read somewhere that America has just about come to a standstill because their pollies are arguing about something … and I thought we could send Christopher Pyne over there — he’d sort ’em out.

  2. Hi Mandy. Yes, often wondered the same myself. But I have not seen any ads, yet. I do enjoy your blog!

    • Thanks Lavinia and I haven’t seen any on your blog the times I have popped over there. Maybe it’s a wordpress thing and we don’t get bothered by ads on other wordpress sites.

  3. Hiya Mandy,
    They only ad I can see is from
    Ad for accomodation.
    Cheers Cath.

  4. I’ve never seen an ad either.

  5. Glenys Taylor

    Hi Mandy
    I see no adverts of any sort. We already get the RM Williams outback magazine and did spy your last contribution to the mag.

    • Wow, thrilled that you already get Outback and have spied the article 🙂 And thanks for replying with a “no ads” comment,

  6. Hi Mandy
    I haven’t seen any adverts since starting to read your Ramblings

  7. 5 ways to get rid of cellulite
    Apple’s next big thing
    Something about partying Greeks
    And something about famous people & cars.
    There is a grid of 4 small ads under your blog post when I look on my phone.

    • ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? Man alive. Do you get the same ads if you view on the computer? Maybe we have stumbled onto the key. Maybe they are targeting smart phone users. Maybe it’s just you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Jen Ribolli

    Yep Mandy, it’s a smart phone thing. I have the same 4-grid thing with a link “about these ads” above a laughing woman (Saturday Night Live makes fun of itself); a 20 in a circle (3 stocks to buy in your 20s); a bowl of cat food (What is GMO food for pets?); a red Jeep (10 Most Popular Cars in America’s Most Affluent….) by Gravity. I wouldn’t consider them intrusive in any way as my smart phone brain has been configured to ignore all those flashy bits of colour, nor do they detract in any way from your wonderful blog.

    • Very interesting Jen – both the bit about the ads not being distracting and the smart phone brain bit. I am still using a dumb phone – what does that imply? And thanks for the “wonderful” blog comment; flattery may help in the judging. May not will 🙂

  9. I don’t see any ad. I have seen the ads on other people’s blogs and occasionally went into my own blog without being logged in to check for ads. I have never seen any ads that were concerning enough to pay the fee to WordPress to block them.

    • I am tending to agree with you Lyle; and I have never seen an ad on your blog – they couldn’t compete with all those beautiful photos anyway.

  10. There is some Empire game thing … shoot an arrow at the target. I just ignore ads like that on blogs so they don’t bother me being there but I can see why you wouldn’t want them or would want to be careful about them. We have the latest Outback mag but I am yet to look beyond the cover, I’ll have to check out your article.

    • Thanks Anne. I like your comment about the ads not really bothering you. That seems to be the general consensus. And I don’t seem to be advertising The Little Tokyo Pornshop or any such thing so maybe I can relax.

  11. Jen Ribolli

    Hey Mandi. Just going back over some recent blogs that I had put aside to read later on the PC and noticed that the ads are definitely on here as well. The ones at the moment are: Ugliest Animals, 7 Most Corrupt Countries, Taylor Swift and (you’re gonna cringe) Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ Teases!!!!

    • Cringing away. Please let me know if these are offensive and I will take steps to change the blog site. Thanks for the research 🙂

  12. Quite bizarre, because now they are gone! Oh and if you were to ask my children it’s usually me who does the offending so I’m afraid I’m not much of a judge!

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