Christmas Reflections

Last week an old friend from the coast came to visit. He came up the drive through brown paddocks crying for rain, in temperatures closer to 40 than 30, over a rough and rocky road. For the life of him he couldn’t work out why we lived here. Put on the spot I struggled to articulate a convincing answer but on reflection I found the words:

  • Because I can wake in the morning on my time, next to one I love, and peer through open French doors into the arms of a jacaranda tree where the resident bower bird and willie wagtail babies break into chorus;
  • Because I feel a connection to nature and to land that is lost to most of society; a connection primal and fundamental, a truth real and raw;
  • Because I feel privileged to know and take care of country and livestock; to understand what I don’t know exceeds what I do. And always will;
  • Because of the space (some call it isolation, I call it peace) with the freedom to work on my terms, to be myself without judgment, and just to be;
  • Because I live in a community that knows me by name, knows my dogs by name, drives me crazy and is family;
  • Because only when you’ve known dry, and your livelihood depends on the weather, can you really appreciate rain on a tin roof;
  • Because there is something quite extraordinary about patting a calf on the head – before it is born;
  • Because at day’s end I can retire to a quiet veranda and once again hear only birdsong ….. and cattle calling and dogs barking.

This is why I live where I live.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Sunset Weaners


18 responses to “Christmas Reflections

  1. In a nutshell Mandy! Oh lordy, more tears. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  2. Those are powerful reasons clearly coming from someone who has reached a deeper level of contentment.

  3. And it’s the best verandah in the district. Can’t wait to sit for a while on it and share a drink or two with you. Looking forward to coming home.

    • The frangipani is out in flower and the bower bird has his Christmas decorations up so all is in readiness for a drink or two on the veranda.

  4. Merry Christmas Mandy, have enjoyed getting to know your life through your blog, and thanks for your kind words re Hazel xx

    • Merry Christmas to you Naomi and to Hazel who may be celebrating the season with Pep. Looking forward to reading of your adventures in 2014.

  5. Hi Mandy and Brian, Merry Chrissy to you both. Love the Christie family.

  6. Coastal visitor
    I understand your aspiring reasons for your overwhelming love of Rocky Springs, I just had trouble reasoning why such an intelligent, self motivated and honest person as you would subject themselves to the harshness of what appears on the cover as a never ending battle with the daily tasks going on around you.
    I can only honour and applause you for your on going commitment to make your station a paradise. I wish you well and I will continue to pray daily for your well deserved soaking rain and the finest stock in the area.
    We can only hope the friends in your circle appreciate you for all your kindness and determination to make your place great.
    We wish you and family of friends a great and wet Christmas
    Love the coastal visitors

    • Dear Coastal Visitors,
      Thank you for that lovely reply and I hope you can return when the seasons are greener, but until then I am happy to know your are following the blog and will therefore get an insight into our world. And just remember – there’s plenty of room for a caravan. 🙂

  7. Glenys Taylor

    Merry Christmas to you and Brian. Yes the joys of a verandah and a cool drink in hand after a long day. Great to be able to share the verandah with visitors too. Come and sit on my verandah whenever you are over this way and I will share a yarn or two with you as well as a drink.

  8. here here…..well said could not agree more…..also agree that it does sometimes take time to remember why….especially when it’s dry.

    • Thanks for the comment Sandy. I’ve just had a quick look at your blog and signed on as a follower – looking forward to reading your words next year. Have a great Chrissy.

  9. Such great reasons to do what we do, Mandy (love the one about patting a calf on the head before it’s born…great feeling)! We’ve all been through drought..although I have to say not near as bad as what you folks are facing. But as farmers & ranchers we are made to persevere and take life as it comes. We will be praying and hoping for better weather for you all!
    All the best!

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