Facebook, Farmers and Felfies

G’Day Mob,
It’s been a rough week on the farm but I know we aren’t the only ones feeling the strain as the rains continue to be shy. Good friends and a bit of a laugh along the way make the hard times a little more bearable, so this week we are going to celebrate farmers and friends and you’re invited to join the party.

89 cloud

Way back in July last year I created a Facebook page for the Rocky Springs Rambles and then promptly forgot about it. In its brief period of activity it gained a total of three “likes” and to Kel, Amy and Lynne I am most thankful. So inactive was the page the people at Facebook “unpublished it”. But now I am going to get it cranking – hopefully with your help. So if you are social media inclined please like www.facebook.com/RockySpringsRambles

There are plenty of farmers in the Coolatai district and last weekend some of us got together for a carp muster on the creek. Carp are an invasive fish species and so a carp muster involves catching and keeping as many of the pests as possible. Some carp were caught but mainly it was an excuse to knock-off work, download a few concerns, and sink a couple of stubbies.

89 carp
Promising thunder clouds built up as we “mustered” but rather than rain they brought only lightning; and everyone cleared out before Dave, the fire captain, started looking for volunteers to go to a fire.

Through groups such as the unfortunately named “Girls R Traders” and through social media I have also come to know many farmers across Australia and the world who I have never met. I thoroughly enjoy reading about farming adventures and think, bad times aside; it is a challenging and satisfying industry to be part of.

Which brings me to the latest internet craze – that of felfies; being a photo taken of oneself on a farm, such as myself and Decky the steer:

89 Decky
And this is where I need your help Mob. I want your felfies.
Using the above Facebook link, send me your felfies and in a couple of weeks I’ll gather them all together in one giant felfies blog. I want your photos of cows and sheep, tractors and trucks, dogs and even rain if you remember what it is. Even air-conditioned chooks could make a good felfie.
So get out there Mob and get snapping and let’s celebrate agriculture across the globe.


2 responses to “Facebook, Farmers and Felfies

  1. Not on Facebook myself, but do enjoy your blog here. Winter rain has been sparse over here in Oregon’s Cascade foothills. We’ve had too many clear night skies, mornings down in the 20s, and very few chorus frogs singing at night where we are for this time of year. The usual rain pools are absent, so far. Summer could be far too interesting…

    • G’Day Lavinia, I know a lot of my readers are not on Facebook but that’s OK. Sometimes it is easy to overload on social media and neglect other, more important, parts of our lives. May your frogs start singing shortly 🙂

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