A Country Girl’s Handbag

G’Day Mob,

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who is particularly stylish in her dress-sense. She always looks immaculate and I am sure could wear a hessian bag and make it look glamourous, whereas I could wear a hessian bag and it would look like ……… a hessian bag. However one fashion item I have never quite grasped is the over-sized handbag. What do people put in those things? When I go out I am lucky to remember my phone and wallet. However I do have a handbag of sorts, though it resides on the front of my quad bike:

96 quad

If you were to up-end this particular country girl’s handbag this is what you would find:

Electric fence tester and fault finder (safer than the manual touch-it-and-see method)

Electric fence insulators (saves bouncing back across rocks to get a replacement)

Tie-wire (multiple uses from temporary patching of a fence to holding a contrary gate open)

Pocket knife (if it’s not left in the house)

Fencing pliers (up to three varieties)

Notebook and pencil (sometimes filled with farm notes, other times with writing ideas)

Gate chains & D-shackles (fence strainers in black soil move and the gate that closed easily yesterday will suddenly need an extra length of chain today)

Spanner (No.10 – works on most things)

Electrical Ties (these plastic ties are slowly replacing tie-wire in troughs because they don’t rust, let go and empty 24,000 gallons of water overnight)

Binoculars (is that a cow or a bloody big rock on that slope? Oh, just a feral pig)

Leather gloves (with multiple holes from barbed wire. I hate barbed wire)

Ocky straps (to hold things that shouldn’t be on a quad bike, to a quad bike)

Geologist’s pick (old habits die hard)

Half a dog lead (courtesy of Clyde)

Replacement, stronger dog lead

Antihistamines (the wasps can be brutal around here)

Screwdriver (for prising the lid off Stockholm’s Tar tins)

Mobile phone (in case I get stuck up a tree )

96 handbag


7 responses to “A Country Girl’s Handbag

  1. That all makes perfect sense. Around here we would also need mosquito spray so I’m guessing you don’t have those biting critters?

    • Actually most years we do have mosquitos but it is even too dry for them at the moment; not that they are ever bad enough for me to carry spray on the quad – you must have clouds of them.

  2. Antihistimine for brutal wasps…I can relate to that. We have some ferocious yellow jackets (genus Vespula) here in Oregon. Adds an interesting dimension to harvesting grapes and plums.

    • The yellow variety are our most ferocious too. I get quite a bad reaction to them so carry the antihistamines just in case I get bitten near the throat. So far they have preferred my thighs and arms!

  3. When I lived in Ireland, I had a backpack instead of regular bag – to fit my waterproof jacket, which I was carrying everywhere and always:) But your bag’s items are cooler:)

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