In Conversation

G’Day Mob,

You are used to reading my words and you may have a vague notion of what I look like under my hat,

98 mandy

but some of you have never heard me speak. Others would say they have been listening to me since before I could string words together (G’Day Mum!), some may have wondered whether I could speak at all when I was a very shy schoolgirl (stop laughing Col) and, with a bit of rum involved, some may have thought I would never shut up.

Regardless here is a radio interview I did recently talking about farm life, writing and the drought, and it is posted here specifically for those of you who have never heard this bushie’s Aussie accent.

Hope you enjoy:

Hint: press the “play” button on the top line once you’ve followed the link.



13 responses to “In Conversation

  1. Thanks for posting the interview. Enjoyed it! Yes, it is good to hear a voice to augment the writing and photography. Biologist by training? OK! 🙂

    • No, that should be “geologist” by training. Must be the accent!

      • Could be a combination of the ears on my end are getting old as well as the equipment….the accent is wonderful to hear! One of the cats chewed the corner off my good speakers (have no idea why), so I stuck a pair of spare used ones on for now.

  2. Great job on the interview – you are a great advocate. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to understand you. Good idea for a post.

  3. Great interview – good to hear your voice again. We are waiting for rain now keeps going all around us. Surprised Ben didn’t ask why you didn’t do geology in NZ.

  4. Great interview Mandy. we thoroughly enjoyed it. Just remember us little people when you become famous!!!

  5. Loved the interview Mandy and hearing about your insights on the Farm. Best wishes, Ben

  6. Well done, Mandy! You got the message across in a clear and balanced way.

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