Is This the World’s Ugliest Dog?

G’Day Mob,

Back in 2011 when we lost Wag  Brian was faced with the reality of having only one (Spy) and a half (Bo) working dogs. A good working dog is invaluable on a farm but finding and training the right one takes a lot of time. As we weren’t breeding dogs at the time Brian decided to make a few phone calls. This is Mike’s story…….

Brian hung up the phone after the first call and said “come on, we’re going to pick up a huntaway”. We turned up at this bloke’s place and saw a whole pack of good looking kelpies but then he led us into the middle of the melee and said “here’s the huntaway”.

“Pigsarse” was Brian’s diplomatic reply. Not only did he not look like a huntaway but he was possibly the ugliest dog ever created. Think black, long pointy ears, even longer, pointier nose, hairy, a beard, and ginger tufts sticking out of his mouth. “Dog ugly” would be insulting dogs.

104 Mike

Nevertheless “Spag”, as he was called, made it home to Rocky Springs where Bo, and to a lesser extent Clyde, spent the rest of the afternoon exerting authority by spag shaggin’.

Spag was a name that wasn’t going to stick after having a Spy and a Wag so the poor animal’s name has been changed to Mike.

Occasionally I think to myself – “he can’t be that ugly”. Unfortunately I then go outside and, to my dismay, find that indeed he can.

104 Mike 2

And it rained today. If possible, Mike, when wet, is even uglier.



Looking back at Mike’s story with the benefit of three years of hindsight I feel we may have been a little harsh on Mike. Was he really that ugly? What do you think?

Ugly or not he was useless around the farm and was returned to sender and the search for a decent working dog continued.


8 responses to “Is This the World’s Ugliest Dog?

  1. Poor Mike. What work do the dogs have to learn at Rocky Springs?

    • G’Day Lyle, well first the dogs need to learn how to listen. Then they work with the cattle. We use them all the time for mustering and most of the time Brian can bring in a whole mob with just his dogs. He uses whistles and commands to direct them and they can gather the mob, turn it one way of the other, bring it towards the boss, or take it away. In the yards where we work closely with the cattle the dogs may be used to move them up laneways or through pens. Mike failed at the listening part. Stay tuned for an upcoming post where Brian goes droving – looking after a mob of 650 on the road with only the ute and his dogs. 🙂

  2. i think hes beautiful! 😛

  3. Had to look up what a Kelpie and Huntaway dog looks like. Just going by pictures, he looks like a Kelpie with a bit of something else thrown in. May have been more than one father to that litter he came from?

    • I think there may have been quite a lot thrown in! He could also be called a neighbourhood dog – as in whatever was in the neighbourhood at the time.

  4. I like him! There is a beauty in everyone and everything;)

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