G’Day Mob,

Thursday, 8am, as I read through some of the blogs I follow I came across this pearl of wisdom from Jessy at WestEastern :

“she who bears sweat, dirt, perhaps a bruise and always a smile understands that joy and challenge travel hand-in-hand”

Wow I thought, this is the attitude I would like to live by. Then came Thursday 9am ……

I’m going to preface by saying I had a cold and was not feeling the best to start with. Brian and I headed to the cattle yards to weigh some steers and, thanks to an inch of rain three days earlier, the bud pen was a foul quagmire of black mud and cow shit. Usually I work the crush and headbail. Thursday, 9.30am, husband decided I needed practice in the bud pen.

Had a cold; now feeling a little pissed.

All was going well until 400kg of steer didn’t want to go up the race and expressed his displeasure by giving me a double-barreled kick from his hind feet. One foot collected me on the left thigh, the other on the left fore-arm and the combined force saw me sprawled in a foul quagmire of black mud and cow shit.

I admit – there were a few tears, possibly a few expletives and although Brian was quick to quote Jessy’s motto to me, there was not a smile to be seen; sweat – yes, dirt – oh plenty, bruises – well on the way, but no smile.

Which brings me to attitude. Life is not what happens to us, but how we react to it and our attitude is the only part of our existence over which we have total control.

So I should of smiled. There was still a place for tears (it bloody hurt) and the odd expletive but the morning should have ended with a smile – joy and challenge travel hand-in-hand.

Thanks for the reminder Jessy.




6 responses to “Attitude

  1. It’s hard to smile when you can’t actually breathe. Blame the cold 🙂

  2. That is a wonderful pearl of wisdom from Jessy at WestEastern!

    Ouch! Hurts just to think about that kick you took from that steer. And landing in cow poop, adding insult to injury! I worked at a riding stable for a bit when I was in college. I rememebr all the horses being tied up around the perimeter of the arena. I had to lead one of them out the gate, passing by one of the grumpier ones named Chico I thought was tied up short. Turns out Chico was on a long rope, and didn’t like the horse I was leading past him. I took a steel-shod hoof right in the side of the knee, sending me flying. I walked a little funny for a while after that. Those larger critters can do some real bodily damage….

    • For all the time I spend in the yards I rarely get kicked and this one was to reasonably fleshy body parts so no damage other than pride and colourful bruises. To be kicked by a steel-shod horse in the knee would have been another matter entirely. Ouch.

  3. Yuck. I can think of better landing spots! It’s funny how attitude also changes our memory of interesting events.

  4. Attitude and hindsight – where would we be without them?

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