One-Eyed Clyde

G’Day Mob,

This was Clyde prior to November 2011:

110 Mar08

this is Clyde now:

110 One-eyed

and this is the story of One-Eyed Clyde ………

November 2011

Clyde is definitely his father’s son. Pep would not let the fact that he was a small terrier detract from his penchant for annoying and antagonising the big dogs. The huntaways are usually placid but even Wag snapped one day and gave Pep a much asked for hiding, not that damage was done to anything but his pride.

Clyde (son of Pep) and Bo (son of Wag) share the same dog run and when they think no-one is looking they also snuggle together in the same kennel. Each morning when I let them out Clyde turns into a monster and spends the first five minutes of the day growling at Bo and hanging off his lip. I warn him that even a huntaway can run out of patience.

Last week all my dogs were peacefully snoozing on the lawn while I was in the office, when Brian came back from the paddock on his bike. Clyde woke up, morphed into the monster and started a blue with Bo.

Bo, finally fed up with the little black shit, rolled him over and gave him a bloody good flogging.

Clyde jumped to his feet and went in for another round and that’s when Brian noticed that his eye was protruding several centimetres from his head. Gross. Almost the entire eyeball was out, merely millimetres from dangling free. There wasn’t any blood to speak of, just an apparition straight from a horror show.

We bundled Clyde into the car, where he promptly threw up, and took a one hour drive to the nearest vet. Along the way I opened a never used First Aid kit and irrigated the eye with a saline solution. (How ironic, the initial First Aid use was for a dog?) Unfortunately our efforts were in vain as the vet took one look at Clyde and said the eye would have to go. So an operation, an overnight stay in town (for the dog) and $500 later, I have a One-Eyed Clyde with a bucket on his head.

110 Bucket

Since coming home Clyde has been kenneled away from Bo until he gets his stitches out but I seem to be more concerned for his welfare than he is. He hasn’t missed a beat – comes at a flying jump when I let him out, plays with Bonnie and growls at Bo. I keep reminding him that he only has one eye left but he acts as though that is all he has ever had.

How am I going to catch pigs with a one-eyed pigdog?

4 responses to “One-Eyed Clyde

  1. Poor Clyde with the lampshade on his head! I have the feeling a missing eye won’t affect his pig catching abilities one bit though. Sounds like not much slows him down. Our one-eyed Abby is a good mouser and fly catcher. Nothing escapes the one good eye.

  2. Maybe Clyde should concentrate on one-eyed pigs. Well, I had a dalmatian who swallowed a fish-hook baited with bacon by neighbor child who was fishing for crawfish in our creek. While she was recovering, she got her tail slammed in a car door and had to have a partial tailectomy. She still lived to the ripe old age of thirteen, despite her early in life surgeries and neighbor troubles..

    • Our neighbour had a terrier with a missing right eye at the same time. Brian reckons Clyde and the other terrier should have teamed up to chase pigs. Your dalmatian sounds as though she would have enjoyed being part of the mischief. Thanks for reading 🙂

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