November 2011

G’Day Mob,

Spy has been romancing and once again there are puppies at Rocky Springs, which means we must come up with names.

111 manu rangi

Bonnie and Clyde were well named as pups and have lived life as their outlaw namesakes, which makes me reflect on other dog names.

Pep started off as Peppy as I couldn’t keep calling him puppy, and I thought Bo was a good name until someone began pronouncing it as though it were an abbreviation of “big and slow”.

One of our mates in Tenterfield named a dog Please – Please come here, Please shut-up, Please you mongrel etc. Great name but unfortunately not great dog and Please didn’t please.

When I was growing up my Dad had a habit of re-naming any dog the family got. We had a black labrador who my sister, Mum and I named Snoopy. Dad called him Brutus.

111 Snoopy

Then there was the doberman we girls royally named Raja. Dad called him Adolph.

111 raja

By the time the german short haired pointer came along we resigned naming rights to Dad. He called him Jimmy.

111 Jimmy

After the demise of Jimmy there was another GSP. Dad called him Jimmy too.

In a nod to his Kiwi heritage Brian has named the new border collie pups Rangi (Maori for sky) and Manu (Maori for bird). They came home today.

110 puppies

In place of their attentive mother and cuddly siblings they have an eclectic collection of canines. Spy is totally inattentive. Like Pep with Bonnie and Clyde, he denies all relationship. Bo is a bit perplexed as to why two little puppies want to nuzzle his stomach every time he sits down.

The pups happily play among the mayhem but are a little confused by that bucket wearing, stitched face one.

110 Bucket

So, knowing there are likely to be more puppies on this farm in the future, I need your help Mob.

Who out there in blogging land has a dog?

And what is his/her name?

And how many eyes does he/she have?

Give me some suggestions Mob.


6 responses to “Please

  1. Must be a Dad thing. My father was always renaming cats when I was growing up… 🙂 No dogs here, right now. No one has abandoned one on the property, yet….

  2. We had a dog called Map when we were little, no idea why. Later on we had Mo short for Mohawk which was a name that he came with. He had a white stripe down his head. I have heard it suggested that when you get a new puppy/ dog you should change its name so it associates you with master rather than its old owner. We don’t have any dogs right now but those fluffy pups are giving me yearnings.

    • I hadn’t heard the suggestion about changing a pup’s name, but it makes sense. We tend to re-name them anyway; and isn’t it funny how even dogs get nicknames like Mo for Mohawk. Bonnie becomes Bon, Bo becomes B and somehow Clyde has become McCurdle. 🙂

  3. we have Tux, (black with a white tie down his chest) Ditzy (who is a little crazy) and Gypsy. We’ve had a few named Tubby- one Koda, one Kix, and one Lacy and a bunch of Ladies! Kathryn

    • I like the name Tux – that would suit a border collie – I’ll have to remember that one. We’ve had a Gypsy and most of our current dogs could be called Tubby after a good feed. Thanks for the suggestions Kathryn.

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