What in the World?

G’Day Mob,

I am about to swap the cow paddock for the hockey paddock and, along with another 1000 or so ol’ girls, I’ll be travelling to Newcastle to participate in the annual State Master’s Championships.

But while I’m away, you have homework.

Who can tell me what this is?

112 what

And if homework is not your thing, duck over to the Rocky Springs Facebook page to see what Manfred (from “A Load of Bull” fame) has been up to lately.

And I want to hear you cheering when the mighty Inverell Swans take on the old guard from Far South Coast hockey.

Catch you later ……

10 responses to “What in the World?

  1. That’s a bit mean! I have no idea what it is but I’m also an instant gratification girl – spill it before you go please!! Is it a seed pod of some kind? The legs of a weird hairy frog (sans feet)?!!

  2. John Coulton

    That ‘thing’ is a weed called devils claw. It grows on a vine not dissimilar to a pumpkin, during the summer and what you have is a seed pod.

  3. Devils claw. The bane of a sheep farmers life. The leaves of the vine smell putrid when rubbed on your skin too.

    • A farmer’s wife, a councilor, a lizard man and a grass management consultant (via email) – who would have thought there were so many knowledgeable people reading the Rambles. Thank you all for your input.

  4. I was going to say seed pod of some vicious plant, but looks like you have an answer of “Devil’s Claw” from the Mob. The link from Alex indicates it is an unwelcome visitor from America, like phylloxera.

    • Yes, Lavinia, the Mob were spot on. Australia has many unwelcome visitors: Coolatai grass, cane toads and Devil’s Claw to name a few.

  5. Have a great time. And you must post photos of you in that adventure, preferably with a trophy.

    • Unfortunately we didn’t bring home the trophy Lyle, but we made the ones who did work very hard for it. Three days later I am still getting over two days of driving, six games of hockey and two late nights, but oh, it was fun.

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