Aah Spa

G’Day Mob,

We’ve been out to the opal fields again, catching up with Jenni at the Australian Opal Centre, learning a little more about mining at the Sheepyard, watching the Ugly Man Competition at Grawin and enjoying a few rums with our friends at Glengarry. But the opal fields are 5-6 hours from home and when you’ve been travelling in a rough and rattly farm ute you would kill for a hot spa at the end of the day. Thankfully Lightning Ridge can oblige.

I love outback spas – hot baths fed by Australia’s Great Artesian Basin. Lightning Ridge is typical of western towns in NSW and QLD that pipe this wonderful resource into tanks and baths and put them right where I can soak.

Hot (40 degrees C) and steamy at Lightning Ridge

Hot (40 degrees C) and steamy at Lightning Ridge

Another of my outback favourites are the mud baths at Eulo in QLD. Imagine being in a bough-lined enclosure, sitting in a stretch bath just big enough for two, soaking in mineral-rich muddy waters, sipping sticky date wine, listening to the fire crackling away in the corner and staring up at the throw of diamonds that is the Milky Way. Aah spa, indeed.

A milky mud bath at Eulo

A milky mud bath at Eulo

On a property out from Hungerford we went straight to the source. Here the original artesian bores have been capped and piped allowing for control of the waters, and some enterprising person has attached a shower rose to each bore – a hot shower in the middle of a paddock. Unreal.

Get wet Grant!

Get wet Grant!

So much do I enjoy these indulgent treasures, I recently wrote an article about them for Australian Traveller magazine. Grab yourself a copy of the August/September issue and find out what has been voted the world’s best luxury mineral spa.

Australian Traveller - "The best (natural) bath on arth"; August/September 2014

Australian Traveller – “The best (natural) bath on arth”; August/September 2014



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  1. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh……….

  2. Sounds beautiful! I may get to see that part of the world someday.

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