Run of Luck

G’Day Mob,

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what you’ve done to upset the universe. This was our week back in January 2012 ……………….

THURSDAY – A storm lifts the roofing iron on our old house. 30mm of rain outside and 60mm in the lounge room.

FRIDAY – Drive to Armidale. Buy a truckload of fat $1000 cows. Liberate them in a Rocky Springs paddock. One sits down.

SATURDAY – $1000 cow still sitting down. Brian gets the tractor in an attempt to lift her. She stands, chases Brian, head-butts tractor – and sits down.

SUNDAY – $1000 cow dead. $1000 of prime beef now in freezer for dogs.

MONDAY – Rats chew through electrical wires and kill freezer. $1000 of dog tucker (and all our good meat) defrosts. Drive an hour to Inverell and buy a new freezer.

TUESDAY – New freezer freezing meat then power goes off – for eight hours. I want to cry.

WEDNESDAY – A good day; power back on, meat freezing, I beat Brian in chess.

THURSDAY – Trialing new horse. I take her to check cattle. Start moving mob to new paddock. Bo helps. Bo barks. Horse rears. Rest of morning like sitting on a fire-breathing dragon. Give up and go to pub.

FRIDAY – Leave horse and Bo at home. Take quad and Bonnie and Clyde to check cattle. Wedge-tailed eagle swoops over Bonnie – nearly has foxie for breakfast.

SATURDAY – Things looking up. Freezer still freezing. Bonnie inside. Big tarp and buckets where couch used to be …… and it’s raining again.

Gotta love this farming life.

9 responses to “Run of Luck

  1. Wow…that was a bad week. Sounds like one of our summer trips we took from Connecticut on the east coast to California on the west coast and back. Returned with only 1 of the original tires we started out with, having had mishaps with the others along the way. On the last day of the return trip, we took a wrong turn coming back through Pennsylvania and ended up going south for an hour and a half instead of north before we realized a mistake had been made. Long ways between exits. Got turned around. Finally stopped to eat at a diner in Plattsburgh, NY after dark. Left the diner and within 15 minutes saw a mounted truck tire in the middle of the Thruway in our lane. Saw it too late. Surrounded by traffic, no where to go but over it. Lost the oil pan, radiator. Flatbed driver finally comes to our rescue and says by the way, a high speed chase with an armed suspect is on the way in our direction. I look around and see the rock wall where the Thruway cut through the mountain. We are next to it. Driver laughs and says not to worry, we’d be surprised to know how fast we can climb if needed. Last 87 miles home are riding in the flatbed truck, old trusty van behind us. Mercury Villager and human cargo are dumped off at their home at 2:00 AM. Humans kiss the ground, grateful to be home. The van was repaired, and lived to fight another day. It moved us to Oregon along with the Subaru some years later. The old van’s luck finally ran out here, when it was done in by another vehicle running a red light. May it rest in peace.

  2. Nothing beats farming life, weeks like this only make you appreciate the good times even more!

  3. Aah lift is godd in Coolatai!

  4. Glasses on now – Life is good in Coolatai

  5. Troubles well told. Maybe when it dries up you can use that tarp for a hammock in the lounge room.

    • All eventually got fixed. Part of the roof was replaced, as was the ceiling in the lounge room and the sodden carpet. All’s well that ends well.

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