The Team

G’Day Mob,

119 team

The work crew, September 2014. L-R: Bonnie, Brian, Bo, Spy, Manu and two you have yet to formally meet – Panda (obscured) and Biggin.

Clyde was at home guarding the house!


7 responses to “The Team

  1. I take it the breeding has been successful?! Look at all those enthusiastic workers!

    • Correct – the breeding has been successful. Spy is the father of Manu. Manu is the mother of Panda and Biggin. Bo and Bonnie were born in the same week (though indifferent litters!)

  2. I bet Clyde is doing a great job of guarding the house! Doesn’t sound like much gets by him, especially the wild pigs. šŸ™‚

    • Clyde was leading the charge the other day when he, Bonnie and Bo took after a pig in the neighbour’s wheat crop. It was getting late in the day, about the time the neighbour comes shooting pigs, so there I was trudging through his wheat yelling at three black shapes that were in danger of getting a bullet. Bloody dogs.

  3. Guarding against what might be an interesting question.

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