Wildflower Quilt

G’Day Mob,

It’s been crazy busy around Rocky Springs this month; the craziness compounded by my annual bout with hay fever and an internet connection that won’t connect.

The rains have forgotten to fall again so we have been moving cattle around – some we have on agistment further south where they have funny-looking green stuff to eat, and others we have out on the local stock routes. Tending cattle on the stock routes can be quite relaxing if all the bovines are where they are supposed to be, and have not chosen 30 minutes before last light to explore the outer regions of the route and go walk-about.

Now I may not be a quilter like the famous Coolatai Crafty Ladies but I do enjoy photography so, with cattle parked under a tree for their daily camp, I went in search of wildflowers and constructed my own version of a quilt.

Wildflower Qult

What do you reckon? Should I start quilting, stick with photography, or just keep an eye on those cows disappearing through the scrub?

18 responses to “Wildflower Quilt

  1. Start making photographically-printed quilts! Beautiful.

  2. I agree with Jenni. Your photography quilt is stunning.

  3. All three! Keeps life interesting, and all the more to write about. 🙂 Beautiful photo quilt.

  4. wallaroo hotel

    Hi Mandy,

    loved the quilt. If I were you I’d stick to all three activities as it seems that each compliments the other. Save the photo and the Crafty ladies may like to use it as their poster next quilt show and/or in the Coolatai quilt they are designing.

    What a creative soul you are.


    Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 03:41:32 +0000 To: wallaroo13@live.com.au

  5. Don’t faint, yes I have been brave enough to enter a comment, love the patch work, hope one of those beautiful ladies can make a quilt from those images. Worth a fortune!!! – love it Bren

  6. Hey I am with Bren… I think the photos printed onto material would make an amazing quilt. You could partner with a quilter!

  7. Yes Mandy start wildflower quilting. How nice

  8. jeez girl, you’ve got Patterson’s Curse in there! and maybe a cuppla other weeds. tis pretty tho.

    • It just looks like Patterson’s Curse Naomi, but the purple is actually vetch. A lot of the others are classified as weeds though – scotch thistle, darling pea etc.

  9. I’d also stick with all three, they seem to complement each other well!

  10. Thanks Cindy 🙂

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