Note to Self

G’Day Mob,

Today I came across this photo from April this year and I am posting it as much for myself as for you.

DSC_0329 ed

It reminds me that although the paddocks are currently telling me otherwise, I know it will rain again.


17 responses to “Note to Self

  1. That is the way things looked in the Wimmera too in Autumn. Not so good after our cold dry winter.

    • I think it is unfortunately a common theme as we all head into what is looking like another nasty summer. As our neighbour says “the best fertiliser in the world is rain”, but it is needed to lift our spirits as well as bless the ground.

      I’d like to get to the Wimmera one day.

  2. I wish it looked like that here! I don’t remember April being green either!

    • I was over your way a couple of weeks ago Bin, and it looks as bad there as it is here. Surely we can’t have another summer like the last.

  3. One of the lessons I am destined to keep learning is that life often turns out different than I expect. I hope that’s true for the rain in your area.

    On a lighter note, I must remember to start one of my posts with G’Day Mob – it cracks me up every time I see it. The first definition of mob I found on Google was “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.” I’m sure we’re all capable of causing trouble:)

    • Lyle – I am looking forward to one of your posts starting with G’Day Mob; I’ll hold you to it now. In my case “mob” also refers to a group of cattle, and in Australia the aborigines often refer to their tribal or family groups as “mobs”. I like all three definitions.

      So Mob, keep an eye on Lyle’s blog for a classic Aussie opening line!

  4. It hasn’t stopped raining in Happy Valley since you left- Johnny Guy

  5. Parched here as well, desperately waiting for the short rains to start!

    • What do you call the short rains Cindy?

      • They’re called ‘mvua za vuli’ in Swahili and are normally from early November up to the end of December. The ‘mvua za masika’ (the long rains) are from mid-March up to early June.

  6. Beautiful emerald green grass in that photo! We have rain again here now, and it is not taking the grass long to green, and start growing like mad. It was hard to picture a month ago. Keep thinking green!

  7. I remember this feeling a few years ago… It won’t last, but in the mean time I think you should grab Brian and a bottle of rum and head north west to that barge you talked about. It’s always brown up there but the ocean is therapeutically wonderful 🙂 thinking of u both xx

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