Merry Storm Season

G’Day Mob,

Merry Storm Season

128 poinciana

While you may be listening to carols wherever you are in this wonderful world, I am listening to rain on a tin roof – perhaps the greatest of Christmas gifts.

After days of furnace like heat with temperatures over 40 (that’s 104 for those of you snow-bound); temperatures hot enough to do this:

128 candles

and with Brian among a long line of trucks draining the produce store of water-soluble fertilizer, the storms arrived.

Last year the storms didn’t turn up at all (and our accountant wonders why our income looked so bad!!), in 2009 they brought only lightning and fires, and although they may not yet be enough to break this drought we, and our country, are rejoicing.

Our poinciana Christmas tree (top picture) is in festive bloom, as are the frangipanis,

Frangi Sky

while the bougainvilleas threaten to engulf the house.

128 bogan

The long suffering lawn has turned from brown to luscious green in a matter of days and more importantly so has the grass in the paddocks. Cows frolic and frogs chorus.

Another storm rumbled its way across our skies this afternoon – strong winds, thunder and lightning, horizontal rain – to deposit another 13mm of wet stuff and rather than race indoors to watch in awe-struck wonder through the windows, I sat on an old couch on the veranda and relished being part of it.

And there I was discovered by Bonnie, Clyde and Bo, who would prefer if they never saw another storm. Not content with merely clambering onto the couch, they insisted on sitting on me, under me and across me, and the four of us curled into a tight ball of warm beating hearts.

128 storm dogs

’tis the joy of storm season.

Merry Christmas Mob – may you have a grand one. xxx


20 responses to “Merry Storm Season

  1. kylieatcupcake

    That’s sooo funny! I have Stan on my lap and Penny at my feet right now as a thunder storm lights up our world!! Have a happy Christmas and speak soon xxx

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  2. Fantastic you have rain, Merry Xmas! (Hazel was the only dog I know who was not the least bit frightened, even enjoyed watching thunder and lightning storms, and fireworks!)

    • Lovely to remember Hazel at this time of year – and she is still gathering fans (see comment below from Jenni). Merry Christmas Naomi

  3. xxxxx
    Wishing you and Brian, Bonnie, Clyde and Bo a verdant Christmas of upright candles and recumbent relaxing youse.

    And Naomi: what a dog, that Hazel! I’ve NEVER met a dog who enjoyed electrical storms! Whacko!

    Happy Christmas to all. 🙂

    • Merry Christmas Jen. Lovely to have met you this year – almost feel like the Ridge was my second home in the last twelve months.

  4. Yippee … Let’s hope there’s much much more to follow up and keep your spirits high. It’s such a magical sound on your roof when if finally comes down! Enjoy my patient sister xx

  5. And a Merry Christmas to you all too, Mandy! The flowers are lovely! Yes, the sound of rain is a welcome one, no matter what. I’m familiar with the horizontal driving rain here. Most of our weather comes up through a pass to southwest of us, and the wind can come like a freight train along with it. We lost a vehicle one year when a tree came down across Rick’s van, not 30 minutes after he got home.

    • Merry Christmas Lavinia, it has been wonderful having your comments on the Rambles this year. Remember to drop in if you’re ever near Coolatai. 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy. I would love to see your country someday! I feel like I am getting to know it through your site, and those of your fellow Aussie bloggers. Looking forward to it. And you are always welcome here. 🙂

  6. I can only imagine your relief while watching it rain. Have a great Christmas!

  7. I have a similar problem with the thunder and lighting Judi try’s to get underneath or on top of me. Best wishes to you Mandy and Brian for a happy Christmas and a exciting New Year
    Love Laurie and Judi XX living in Forster for now maybe see you next year

  8. We’re experiencing the relief of rain here in Tanzania as well at the moment. Happy Holidays Mandy and looking forward to your posts in the new year.

    • Is that the mvua za vuli? See, you are educating me Cindy! Have a great Chrissy and I, too, look forward to your posts in 2015.

  9. Lyn Grabham

    It has certainly been the best Christmas present Mandy a wet and stormy Christmas Day would be perfect
    Have a great christmas

  10. This is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

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