The Outback – Found

G’Day Mob,

Last week’s question (Where is the Outback?) generated plenty of discussion everywhere from here on the blog to bedside at the Inverell Hospital (G’Day Helga).

Rob from Bobby Dazzler’s Blog had a concise answer saying 70% of Australia was remote and arid and therefore Outback. He even gave us an estimate of 5,000,000 square kilometres. That is the sort of committed research I like.

Shirl has seen much of Australia’s inland heart – places like Cunnamulla, the Tanami and Brewarrina – all of which would have some claim to being Outback, and Anne from Grit & Giggles  thought the Outback had a lot to do with the character of a place and its people.

From overseas, Danuta described the entire country of Bolivia as Outback and Lavinia from Oregon, USA described it as anything from desert to swamp.

But the winner of the 2015 Outback calendar is:

Elaine !!

Although she hasn’t been there Elaine nominated Death Valley in California as her version of Outback. To me this captures the idea of the Outback being not only a remote and arid quirk of geography, but a state of mind; a place held mythical by those with imagination; a place we would like to experience though it is far from the realm of our everyday.

Like Elaine, I’ll be heading Outback again one day soon. It’s a journey for the soul. Maybe I’ll see you there.





14 responses to “The Outback – Found

  1. Great stuff everyone. Wonderful question, Mandy.

  2. I like the variety yet similarity of the answers.

  3. Congratulations Elaine! Another place to visit is the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. I remember seeing it for the first time. It is unique!

    • There are what we call salt lakes in Australia – mainly in WA, but I don’t think they are as grand as the Bonnieville Salt Flats. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A journey for the soul, that sounds like an ‘Outback’ that I’d enjoy travelling to!

  5. Elaine Toft

    WHAT?? I won?? led to pounding the chair arm over and over exclaiming “OH MY GOSH!!” It’s too ironic everyone, after having focused on U.S. desert/Death Valley, when here in upper northern U.S. (Minnesota), a frigid matching of fahrenheit and celsius, -40F, -40C (dangerous) wind chill will occur in a matter of hours. THANK YOU so much, Mandy, your blog is the best.

    • Oh that sounds too cold Elaine – stay safe. Did you get the email I sent you? If not check your spam folder or email me at greentanglesAThotmailDOTcom .Talk soon.

  6. Great idea, great submissions and a clear winner – sadly it wasn’t me. I take time off from blog world and miss all the fun. I like the mythical state of mind being a key part of outback. But for me, it is a term of endearment reserved for Australia.

    • Lyle, you should know by now that if it rains here, we are having a party and anything is likely to happen! I do like your “term of endearment” and sorry you missed the fun.

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