The Mob

G’Day Mob,

Currently this is our Mob – or herd:

 131 NAMES

Rocky Springs has, in a good season, carried up to 600 cattle but at the moment this is it. Nine. Plus three calves. The remainder of our mob are either on agistment on local stock routes or down south Mandurama way.

The grass may look green after summer rain but no-one in this part of the country is confident of saying the drought is over. If we continue to get good rain over the next few months we will consider re-stocking Rocky Springs, which obviously is our preferred option, but until then let me introduce you to the Pet Mob.

In the above photo left to right, we have:

Manfred’s butt – our ageing Angus bull from A Load of Bull fame.

Tui’s bootie – a brahman/santa gertrudis cross who I have had since 2005 when she was a calf on her mother. She made the move with us to Rocky Springs in 2007, was sold in 2009 and came home in 2011 because my husband is really a soft touch – he recognised her in the saleyards and bought her back for me. She has a magnificent calf every year. This is Tui when she was a young heifer:

131 Tui

Moonshine (partly obscured) – a black Brangus heifer who has just had her first calf – a lively black boy (camera shy).

Hereford Cow – shouldn’t be part of this mob of pets and as such is not named. She missed the last sale truck because she had a calf – the Hereford heifer on the far right of the photo.

Sunshine – a black Brangus heifer. She and Moonshine were to be sold last year but they have been on Rocky for two years and Sunshine is a master of survival. Last year while in the yards she walked up to the agent assessing our cattle and gave him the sweetest of kisses. Even he said to Brian: “You can’t sell her!”

Hereford Heifer – shouldn’t be part of this mob of pets and as such is not named. Doesn’t have a calf but couldn’t make the weights for the sale truck – even when fat. As soon as she hits 420kg she is gone.

Angus Cow (over the fence) – see Hereford Cow only she has a bull calf (also camera shy)

Dogger – a dodgy, part lame black steer of mixed origin who was bought by Brian 18 months ago for $13 for the dog tucker freezer. Has been getting survival tips from Sunshine.

Little Red Brahman – (partly obscured); my favourite; a small red brahman cow who is about ten years old and who produces whopper calves. Should have died in 2012 when we poisoned a heap of cows on vetch but survived that and everything else thrown at her. Will lead a mob into the yards but refuses point blank to go up the race. This is her head.

131 lrb

So that’s it, but things may have changed by next week – we might be going shopping. Just don’t tell anyone I have cows as pets.



11 responses to “The Mob

  1. Good luck with the weather Mandy, and I hope your drought officially ends soon. The climate where we are is defininetly drier than it was in 2003 when we moved here.

  2. Sound like good pets to me but my yard is too small 😉 I hope more rain keeps coming and you can build the herd again but until then enjoy your pets. Love that Sunshine is teaching survival skills.

  3. Hmm so are all the characters in your world interesting or is it just the good writing??

  4. Sunshine sounds like a keeper 😉 Fortunately our nights are filled with rain at the moment and hopefully the drought in your part of the world will finish soon too.

  5. Elaine Toft

    Your girls are so gorgeous, literal blooms in any pasture.

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