Farms Don’t Let Go

August 2012

G’Day Mob,

Remember last post where we were discussing Bong Bong, Giggleswick and Punkeydoodles Corners in anticipation of our grand camping trip through Eulo and Toompine to Longreach? Well there is one point I forgot to mention – farms and livestock know when you are planning a holiday and they DON’T LET GO.

It could be the baby bull who suddenly has a hormone surge and disappears. After searching 2000 acres you find him on the neighbours place. With their heifers.

Or it could be that ironbark tree that caught fire two weeks ago and has been smouldering ever since. If it gets whiff of holiday planning it will fall over and land on a fence. And then burn through a water pipe.

Maybe a fire will start on a local property the night before you leave and the fire brigade is short-handed meaning Brian just has to go.

And while he is away Spy chooses this time to run into a tree. And fracture ribs. And get fluid on his chest. And needs a run to the vets (45 minutes away) at 4.50pm on a Friday afternoon.

Between taking Spy to the vet and waiting for Brian to return I packed.

Onto the ute went two swags, two camp beds, two eskies, two canoes, some fishing gear, a frypan and a billy and a packet of matches. The McKeesick Winnebago was ready for take-off.

133 ute


With a baby bull in a secure home paddock, fence and water pipe fixed, fire out by 8pm, a bucket of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories shoved into Spy and nurse Col on duty, we too are ready.

Wish us luck – there are still 12 hours to go before we are out the gate.

11 responses to “Farms Don’t Let Go

  1. Charm potter

    How very true Mandy. Not only holiday time but Xmas eve and new year too. Have spent many hours in the hot trying to get the thing going

  2. No way you won’t do it

  3. Go now before anything else happens

  4. Have a great time. It looks like your prepared for everything – even a flood:)

  5. Hope you have a relaxing enjoyable and interesting trip away from the farm. I’m sure you will encounter something to write about for the next travels

  6. Hopefully nothing happens in that 12 hours. Love your winnebago. Sounds like you have a good holiday planned. Have fun!

  7. Have a great vacation, Mandy!

  8. Hope you’re extremely overjoyed to have arrived!

  9. Tom & Billie

    We just love Kiwi’s particularly this one.

  10. Hope that you got in that truck and roared away in a cloud of dust!

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