Through Hail and Shine

G’Day Mob,

Good friends are hard to find but the best ones are beside you through rain and shine.

They are there when you’re face-first, screaming into the hockey turf because you have just snapped the ACL in your knee. They bring you McDonalds when you are in the hospital waiting room for three hours until a doctor can see you. Then two years down the track, after a knee reconstruction, they convince you that returning to competition hockey really is a good idea.

And then, after a game of hockey they find themselves beside you literally through hail and shine.

Tania and I are a package deal when it comes to hockey. With the fields an hour away from Coolatai we travel together and play together – if you’ve got one, you’ve got the other – and the drive home is usually uneventful. But not always.

After a 4-1 win against the Rogues we were on the road home when we came around a corner to find the inland sea.

140 Graman Creek flood

This may not look too serious but unfortunately the cold beer at the Graman Pub was still a kilometre away on the opposite shore.

We cooled our heels until the floodwater receded, Tania modelled our very fancy “Tigers” uniform

140 Graman Creek in flood

and then, in 4WD, we parted the waters. We drove past the Graman Pub, joking we could always stop at the Wallaroo in Coolatai for that cold beer.

Then we came around another corner and the world turned white.

140 Graman hail Mar15

We were beginning to think we were in Canada.

Thank goodness these hail-stones were not still falling as we passed.

140 Graman hailstones

After more photo opportunities (note jumper now covering uniform – hail-stones are cold!) we continued, but not before the option of returning to the Graman Pub had been discussed – but hey, what else could mar our path?

Then we came around another corner.

140 Tree on Graman Road

Are you kidding me? Now there is a tree over the road.

Well, as you can see that tree wasn’t going to stop us (also note heavy traffic) and with hardly another corner between us and Coolatai we made it home safely.

Now about that cold beer.

Cheers to good friends. Thanks Tan.

9 responses to “Through Hail and Shine

  1. wow, lucky you weren’t caught in that maelstrom. we just had a mini tornado and hailstorm hit last week and it was terrifying.

    • Yes we were lucky we missed it. The hail did plenty of damage to crops and silos a little further west. Your mini tornado would have been scary – any damage there?

      • market gardeners had crops ruined. a few fences knocked over, my shade sail ripped to pieces, my papayas all have gouges in them, mostly just lots of vegetation stripped. strange strange weather…

  2. Good friends, hockey and a white world?? I thot I was on the wrong blog for a while. Excellent point about good friends.

    By the way, we just got a fresh coat of snow this morning … again.

  3. That is a good load of hail! What an obstacle course you encountered with the tree!

    • We really don’t get a lot of hail here, even though the farmers regularly insure their crops against hail damage. Some years they would make more money from hail insurance than they would from the crops.

  4. I had some catching up to do, nice to see that several posts were yours. And definitely a cheers to good friends, what would we be without them.

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