The Black Panther of Coolatai

G’Day Mob,

I have made a terrible oversight. An omission of the highest order. I have been chattering away on this blog for nearly three years and I have not once introduced you to Coolatai’s claim to fame. Our legend. The story that put us on the map.

Coolatai has a black panther.

Here in Australia there have always been whispers of a mysterious black panther slipping quietly through the bush. This may seem unremarkable to the rest of the world but Australia is an island continent and the closest we have to a large feline is a house-cat or the Tasmanian Tiger, which we shot out of existence back in the 1930s. So a panther is quite exciting.

Many innuendos surround our panther (almost always referred to in the singular). It escaped from a zoo or a circus some reports claim. The Americans brought it over as a mascot in WW2 another authority states. But it was here in Coolatai in 1958 that the biggest “panther outbreak” occurred when 13 year-old David Wheatley was thrown from his horse when it spooked at a “large, black-furred, panther-like beast.”

The story made headlines in the national press. Old Coolatai –ites came forward with sightings dating back a decade. Another young bloke was holed up in his caravan all night as the panther prowled around outside. Even a visiting Sydney pianist insisted he had seen the panther on the road. The Wallaroo Hotel fattened on the rumours.

The legend grew. In 1995 a book titled “Mysterious Australia” was published and an expert stated the panthers (note the use of the plural – obviously there had been a breeding program) lived in Coolatai and made an annual migratory pattern through-out the north-west.

Today there is a painting in the Wallaroo Hotel showing the black panther attacking a huge black feral pig; and though no tracks, nor skins, nor bodies have ever been found, the stories persist. A report in the esteemed Coolatai Bush Telegraph only a few years ago suggested there were panther kittens living under a local house and fleeting black shapes are common on the road home from the pub.

But what of photos I hear you ask? Well these are what I have obtained from dogged research. Behold and be amazed.

142 Black Panther Kitten

142 Tip Panthers



8 responses to “The Black Panther of Coolatai

  1. And yet I detect some cynicism between the lines. You must believe!

  2. panther kittens are so cute! hahaha

  3. Robyn Campbell

    Yes my late Father and one of my sisters claim to have seen it.I think it may have been after a visit to the “Roo”

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