New Zealand Slide Night

G’Day Mob,

Way back when I was a child the old slide projector would be sporadically dragged out of the cupboard, dusted off and filled with images of Mum’s or Nan’s latest travel adventure. Sometimes the slide night would stretch on for hours.

While I’m not going to bombard you with a hundred photos, here is a sample from our recent romp to Northland in New Zealand. Put on the ugh boots, grab the hot chocolate, dive into the bean bag and let’s go.

143 kerikeri

We got ourselves some history at Kerikeri, where, in the 1820s, the formidable Maori chief Hongi Hika traded with the missionaries to acquire muskets which he then used in raids against other Maori tribes. Here the missionaries built this beautiful stone store beside the river, all the time surrounded by about 3000 of Hongi’s mob.

143 te paki

Then we found some of that famed Kiwi adventure: in this case the giant sand dunes of Te Paki where we climbed a very steep incline, puffed and moaned at the top, and then careened down the dune on a board. Then did it all again.

143 rienga

At Cape Reinga, if you listened very closely, you could hear the “snuffling of the spirits” as the departed Maori souls leapt into the ocean on their journey back to their ancestral lands. This is a beautiful, ethereal place at the northern tip of New Zealand where the Tasman Sea crashes into the Pacific Ocean.

143 manganui

We both fell in love with Mangonui Harbour and are already planning a trip back there. It is renowned for having the best fish and chips in New Zealand.

143 piahia

Based at Paihia on the Bay of Islands, I was even out of bed early enough one morning to catch the sunrise,

143 captain bucko

just before we went fishing with Captain Bucko and a couple of seasick Chinese tourists. For the record I caught a snapper and two hammerhead sharks. Brian caught a couple of undersized snapper and a cockle.

143 Waitangi

At Waitangi we joined the locals in a bit of tongue poking and learnt about Maori culture and the controversial treaty between these original New Zealand people and the English. A great day out, and one which even saw Brian singing!

143 piha

On the wild west coast beaches of Piha, where the sand is a silky black, I ran through the waves with my niece and taught her the finer points of the game of “fly”. Then we had ice-cream, because that is what you do on a beach.

So that’s where I have been, just in case you were missing me.

You did realise I was away? Didn’t you Mob?

12 responses to “New Zealand Slide Night

  1. looks lovely. must get to the North Island one day….

    • There is actually snow on the North Island so that should tempt you!!

      • Icy snow and hundreds of Aucklanders! I have lots of NI ski buddies who come ski TC each year who don’t exactly wax lyrical about skiing up there!! But keen to be a tourist up there some time

  2. Lovely photos. There are so many beautiful places to visit in this world yet so little time!

  3. Yes, we did miss you, Mandy! I did figure you were either on vacation or tied up with a lot of work. Looks like you had a great vacation. Love the photos! Welcome back!

  4. Next time you are over this way ,you have to come down to our neck of the woods and we’ll show you some more of the nz beauty. But do agree that Northland is a special part of Aotearoa.

    • Glenys, you know that country of yours is just way to pretty to rush. One day we’ll come and explore your neck of the woods. Shall we bring some dogs?

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