Panther Update

G’Day Mob,

The Gwydir Shire Council must read the Rocky Springs Rambles (G’Day John). It was only a few weeks ago I let you all in on Coolatai’s secret – the Black Panther.

Back then this was the entrance sign to Coolatai:


but I do some panther publicity, step out of the country for five minutes and return to this:

144 Coolatai Panther sign

Thanks to the council for doing such a wonderful job, and do you know the best part? At night the panther eyes glow red.

144 red eyes

Our panthers have been immortalised!

13 responses to “Panther Update

  1. that is cool! especially the red eyes.

  2. I didn’t realise you were just down the road from us, I’ll have to head through Coolati next time I head home to check them out

    • While you’re there call into the Wallaroo Hotel, tell the publican to give me a ring and I’ll come down and say G’Day.

  3. all panthers welcome!

  4. The power and influence of this blog continue to surprise. I’m amazed they still allow mere Canadians to observe.

  5. Well done Gwydir Shire Council!

  6. Sure makes it hard for Sydney to keep up!

  7. Great sign! Well done!

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