Chester, the Wonder Whippet

G’Day Mob,

Here at Rocky Springs we were recently privileged to have, however so briefly, a star amongst us – Chester the Wonder Whippet.

The Whippet is currently on an Australia-wide tour having left his base in southern Western Australia in December. He finds life on the road – the constant adulation, the pressure to perform, cold nights – to be wearying, and so at Rocky Springs he took a few weeks to relax and unwind, and to work on some moves for his upcoming aerial acrobatic shows.

Come and meet the Wonder Whippet and the team behind him.

149 Chester

The Whippet in a Pensive Mood

A personality such as The Whippet requires a dedicated support crew. Chester travels with two human staff and a canine entourage of five.

The staff, James and Elizabeth, are multi-skilled. They fill the roles of chef (shooting, butchering and preparing the freshest of meals), chauffeur, bookings manager, masseur and personal trainer; and for the most part excel at their jobs. Occasionally, however, they raise their voices at The Whippet. Chester does not appreciate this.

His entourage consists of Mouse (a ball chasing collie), Rabbit (a pig chasing collie), Kiwi (a sheep chasing kelpie), Darcy (a stick chasing collie/labrador) and Watson (a special needs scaredy-cat). The Whippet is top dog.

Staff (Elizabeth), Entourage (Mouse, Watson, Darcy, Rabbit, Kiwi), Staff (James ) & Groupie (Bonnie)

Staff (Elizabeth), Entourage (Mouse, Watson, Darcy, Rabbit, Kiwi), Staff (James ) & Groupie (Bonnie)

The Whippet tours in a specially modified bus. The staff sit at the front (useful for chauffeurs), the entourage sit behind the staff and The Whippet reclines on a double bed at the rear – under a rug. He feels the bus could be improved with an electric blanket.

The bus has a fully equipped kitchen, complete with freezer, microwave and filtered water, a gym (well, a bike) and a massage table.

Tour Bus

Tour Bus

The Whippet also believes flashing party lights and a $1500 upgrade to the heating system would be appropriate. The staff are stalling.

The Whippet is currently performing at Limpinwood, via Nimbin and the centre of all things alternate, in north-east NSW but we were fortunate to witness the star practising some new dance moves while at Rocky Springs:

Athleticism at its finest

Athleticism at its finest

Contortionist Moves

Contortionist Moves

149 Elegance

The Elegance of The Whippet

Chester, The Wonder Whippet; coming soon to a town near you.


7 responses to “Chester, the Wonder Whippet

  1. Sounds like quite the pampered life.

  2. For goodness sake, get a spa into that bus!

  3. James & Elizabeth

    The whippet is exhausted from attending a different farmers market every weekend and gathering devoted followers along the way. Still troubled by the kidnap attempt by Mandy ‘Mad Dog’ McKeesick, he is on a steady diet of RSPCA approved pork. That’s the Rocky Springs Pig Catching Association. The pork is free range, organic and humanely killed. That’s killed by a human, as opposed to the more barbaric Fox Terrier’erd Killed. Here in Limpinwood, Chester has 53 disciples (cows) that follow him VERY closely. Note to Brian, when you visit, please bring Spy The Magnificent Nosebleed Giver. Of lesser interest, James and Elizabeth have the weekend off to attend a Barista coarse. woohoo.

  4. Attempted kidnapping! 🙂 You will have to explain Spy the Magnificent Nosebleed Giver. Sounds like a good tale there!

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