Brian’s Chooks

G’Day Mob,

Think of a farm and one of the images that may spring to mind is chickens and fresh eggs.

Not at Rocky Springs.

We have never kept chooks for 4 very good reasons:

  • Snakes
  • Goannas
  • Foxes
  • Fox Terriers

Then Brian had one too many red wines.

After a long lunch with mates Brian returned home with 4 chickens. Only they weren’t. We were now the proud owners of 4 roosters, saved from having their heads removed by my loving husband. As they say: it sounded like a good idea at the time.

151 chook 2


Brian promptly threw the new arrivals in a long-abandoned chicken coop and retired to bed. The coop’s use in recent years has been to house whichever bitch has been on heat and consequently it has a pillar like appearance – as every dog on the place has done his best to dig under and around it.

So began our first sleepless night. My theory is the chooks attracted the foxes, and in a valiant attempt to protect her domain Bonnie (who was reclining on a couch on the veranda by our bedroom) made multiple frenzied-barking rushes into the dark. Loudly.

Then the roosters started crowing.

At 2am.

151 chook 1


Bleary-eyed the next morning I reminded the chook owner there were a couple of fox-terrier-sized holes in the netting of the coop. He went to investigate.

Bonnie beat him to it.

With a cacophony of panicked squawks and an explosion of feathers Bonnie had flogged the first rooster. Brian, only steps behind, grabbed the fox terrier by the scruff of the neck and gave her a flogging of her own, poked her under his arm and marched her off to her kennel. Bonnie’s eyes, looking up at Brian, were suitably contrite, but the view from the back end showed her tail wagging nineteen to the dozen.

151 chook 4


Brian set about repairing the coop and then liberated the rest of the dogs to test his handiwork. Bo tried to unlatch the door chain with his nose. Clyde  tried to create another fox-terrier-sized hole. Manu barked and Spy stood sentinel – salivating.

The coop held and in time, accompanied by growls from Brian, all the dogs except Spy dispersed. He is still there, statue-like, watching his chooks.

151 chook 3


The feathered ones – black chook, red chook, cream chook and missing-a-few-feathers grey chook – have survived 48 hours at Rocky Springs; and we’re about to head into snake and goanna season.

Wish them luck.


14 responses to “Brian’s Chooks

  1. lol…he is a hoot. How I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. Is this rooster haven, or is Brian planning a hen hunt…. Rooster wants a hen, could be a good take of farmer wants a bride 🙂

  2. Those chooks can be tough birds. A farmer down at the other end of town got some breed of Bantam that has “purple” meat. One of the hens was a particularly scrappy old girl, and was seen time to time fighting hawks who were attempting to carry her off, and she would win. They would hear a squawking, and would rush out and see her on her back, fighting hawk with beak and claw. Produced many free-range offspring over her life. Not sure what got her in the end, but you can bet she is a bird to be reckoned with wherever she is in the Greater Universe.

    • Well another night of sporadic sleep as Bonnie chased away foxes, and roosters provided early morning wake-up calls, but a new day and we still have four roosters.

  3. It must have been getting little predictable around the place so Brian had to stir things up!

  4. You can always borrow one of my dogs; Worsie currently holds the family record for 3 snake (1 cobra, 2 black mambas) and 2 iguana kills and has no interest whatsoever in chooks, so he’ll leave those to your dogs 😉

  5. Hilarious!!

    • Bonnie was tied in her kennel last night but Brian was snoring and the roosters were joined very, very early this morning by the cockatoos. Add to this a dose of hayfever and my sense of humour has gone missing.

  6. James & Elizabeth

    do you still have the 8 big chooks out in the silk?

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