Introducing …..

G’Day Mob,

Here at the Rocky Springs Rambles I tend to …well, ramble. That means time slips away and I go to write a post and remember you haven’t been officially introduced to some of the cast.

At the moment we have nine dogs on Rocky Springs. Five of them you have already met: Bonnie and Clyde (the pig dogs), Bo (the deep-barked huntaway) and Spy and Manu (the border collies).

Brian considers Spy to be the best working dog on the place and often breeds him with Manu. We have had several litters in the last few years with most of the pups being sold; although some have been retained. So without further rambling, come and meet the next generation:

Big’n  – (Spy x Manu)

152 Biggn

Big’n is two years old and like many a teenager (multiply the dog’s age by 7 to get the human equivalent) thinks he knows it all. He goes to work with Mum and Dad and takes instruction from the Big Boss but hasn’t yet mastered the art of jumping into the back of the ute. When he was young he ran into a stump and Brian had to perform bush surgery on his head – which may explain why Big’n isn’t overly fond of being patted.


Slim – (Spy x Manu)

152 Slim

Slim is nearly 12 months old. He was a shit of a kid with an arrogant attitude  until I accidently ran him over with the quad bike. Then his attitude improved out of sight. He loves to jump – on hay bales, onto the truck, onto the ute. He is not currently interested in cows though.


Mick – (Spy x Manu)

152 Mick

Mick is from the same litter as Slim. He was a gangly, ugly pup but thankfully has outgrown that awkward stage. He doesn’t jump as enthusiastically as his brother but is showing more interest in cows, although Brian won’t start either of them properly for a while yet.


Wombi AKA Star – (Mad kelpie father x hyperactive kelpie mother)

152 Wombi

Her official (read Brian’s) name is Star. I call her Wombi after an overzealous eating frenzy as a pup left her looking like a distended wombat. She is different to a border collie, or a huntaway, or a fox terrier. At about 15 months old she is a handful. She jumps. A 10km lap of the farm is a mere warm-up. She is excitable. She has been sent by a higher power to test Brian’s dog handling skills.

So, as of tonight that is the Rocky Springs pack….. but by the sound of that barking Manu must be just about on heat again.

More puppies? Get your order in now.



4 responses to “Introducing …..

  1. Will show Murray the photos of these dogs. He will be particularly interested in your red keplie. Nice looking dog.

  2. Beautiful bunch of dogs. Wombi sounds like a real handful!

    • Wombi took to chasing an emu yesterday and she was closing on it at one point. Don’t know what she would have done if she’d caught it.

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