Sneaky Dogs

G’Day Mob,

Once upon a time there was a big, beautiful Huntaway named Bo.

158 Bo

Once upon a time there was also a border collie named  Manu and a kelpie named Wombi.

Once upon a time there was peace at Rocky Springs.

Having working dogs on a farm means you need a team. There are experienced dogs, young dogs learning the trade, pig dogs AKA miniature fox terriers and breeding bitches. The female dogs come on heat every six months but you don’t necessarily need two litters of puppies every year.

Which means every six months we need to lock up Manu and Wombi and watch as every male dog on the place becomes an expert in break and enter.

Brian derogatorily refers to Bo as big and slow. Bo takes the slur on the chin and bides his time. Once, with Manu on heat, Bo used his nose to push aside the sliding door on her cage and was most pleased with himself (and Manu). Brian was not impressed and after tying up a strutting Huntaway turned around to find Manu most pleased with Spy.

That particular romance led to puppies and Big’n.

158 puppies

Tonight Manu has been released from the lock-up. It has been a week of Spy trying to eat through wire, Bo trying to push through wire and Clyde trying underground excavation.

It has also been incredibly noisy with barks, howls and plaintive cries; a canine chorus of angst and unrequited love.

But we think we have thwarted all attempts at puppy production.

Manu and Wombi have synchronised. As Manu came out of the cage, Wombi went in. As I write, from what should be a peaceful veranda, Spy is circling the lock-up with his tongue (trust me on this) hanging out, Brian has bellowed at Clyde who shut up for approximately 0.93 seconds and Big’n is voicing his indignation. Bo is biding his time.

We have another week of this.

Sneaky dogs.

Who’d ‘ave ‘em?

10 responses to “Sneaky Dogs

  1. And I thought we had it rough here with rutting deer… 🙂

  2. Elaine Toft

    Life takes me away for awhile, only to return to a howling mess! Morose lovers are the worst. (Heavenly pups, though and so good to read your prose again.)

  3. The only part of the story I doubt just a bit is the, “Once upon a time there was peace at Rocky Springs” part since there always seems to be something going on!

    • Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading this blog, and then other times I think there are those who read it and know me (& Rocky) too well 🙂 Thanks for your continued reading Lyle.

  4. Ross and Belinda Christie

    Hi Mandy and Brian

    Hope you have been under some of the rain that’s been around, we have faired well here on the Mole!

    Talking of Huntaways….do you have any litters on the way? We have been searching for a Female for awhile, with out much luck. We might be interested if you have any due in the near future.

    Hope you are both well, and keeping cool with this hot weather.

    Bin and Ross

    • G’Day Bin and Ross. Bo is the only Huntaway we have left so any puppies will only be half Huntaway. Will give you a call if we hear of any full-breds. 🙂

  5. Lovely photos!

  6. Yes aren’t they little darlings in photos? 🙂

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