The Outback Odyssey Trilogy – Part 3

G’Day Mob,

 “For Lease: Boorara Station – 285,000 acres”the adventure continues…..

As the moon set over the cattle yards and the sun breached the eastern horizon we climbed out of swags and looked forward to the day. I followed the moon to the yards and penned my first Boorara animal – a big buck grey kangaroo. Most of the roos we had seen up to this point were the western reds, gorgeous creatures with coats of copper red.

We drove to the eastern part of the property and within half an hour had found a lot more than six goats. We drove over a stony range

OK, so "range" may be exaggerating

OK, so “range” may be exaggerating

found thick mulga, open grasslands, wetlands and gilgai (melon-hole) country.

Gilgai - melon-hole country

Gilgai – melon-hole country

We found another desolate hut, more brumby yards, a good set of cattle/goat yards, another big pig and more boggy ground. We found dry earth-tanks, broken windmills,

A bit of restoration work required

A bit of restoration work required

two distant brumby mobs and lots of red sand. Then we found the breakaway country

Breakaway country. Home of a thousand goats

Breakaway country. Home of a thousand goats

and goats by the hundreds. We were starting to get very excited now. Water-goats-brumbies-cattle-tourism-adventure – we were running wild with dreams.

Late in the afternoon we bounced up a rocky jump-up and found mobile reception! We rang and asked for a contract to lease Boorara Station.

And that’s where the excuses started and we were told the station would not be leased.

The dream born on 285,000 acres was dashed upon that craggy knoll.


Our Boorara Odyssey was two years ago and the station has since been sold. Adjoining the wondrous Wyara and Numalla Lakes of Currawinya it now forms part of the largest National Park in Queensland.

But Boorara comes back to me in scented dreams: of billy goats running through breakaways, of brumby stallions marking their territory, of cautious cattle hidden near watering points, of gidgee trees, of an unlikely sea breeze, and the sulphurous aroma of artesian water.

161 sunset

 Smells like adventure to me.

7 responses to “The Outback Odyssey Trilogy – Part 3

  1. Well, at least went to national park land and will be preserved. And those are beautiful dreams that will stay with you.

    • Thanks Lavinia, and thank you for all your lovely comments through out the year. It has been wonderful to have you as part of the Rocky Springs family and your presence is most appreciated. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, even though this year it will be tinged with sadness. May you bloom again with the spring.

      • It is still Christmas Eve here where I am, and we will drink a toast to the Rocky Springs family tonight. Real champagne, only the best!

  2. Scented dreams are the best kind. I’m glad Boorara lives on.

    • I will get back to Boorara one day – would you like to bring your camera? Thanks also to you Lyle for being a valued member of the Rocky Springs family during 2015; for your witty comments and consistent readership – oh and for those pretty good photos on KrahnPix! Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to the wit in the new year.

      • I always like to bring my camera. Thanks for having me around and keeping your blog interesting. I hope you have a great Christmas. May all our wit increase in the New Year.

  3. We’re never too old to dream a new dream! Merry Christmas Mandy and all the very best for the New Year!

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