G’Day Mob,

There’s really no way around this. The festive season has been fat.

This is fantastic if you are a cow, not so fantastic if you are a working dog, dangerous if you are an oyster, and if you are a blog writer ….. well you know what I mean.

162 cows

Mother Nature turned Rocky Springs into a tropical oasis in December with rain, and consequently grass, in glorious abundance. So with our farm-sitter Sarah looking after the hounds, Brian and I did what we haven’t done at this time of year for a decade – we escaped.

Our destination was the south coast of NSW where I grew up and where we once worked as abalone divers . Our list of friends and reles to visit was as long as the grass on Rocky and although we didn’t get to everyone we frolicked with a fair few.

The frolicking included

re-connecting with old friends and throwing some kids around,

162 Throwing Kids

doing time on a sea urchin boat (and realising I NEVER want to be a deckhand again),

162 urchins

walks on golden sands with Mum,

162 beach

remembering Dad at Kianinny,

162 Kianinny

learning more about chooks

162 chooks

and ducks

162 ducks

and swimming with my sister.

162 sister


The fat came about due to:

  • blue grenadier and chips @ Narooma
  • flathead and chips @ Lakes Entrance
  • gurnard and chips @ Eden
  • sticky bun @ Quaama
  • baileys @ Newlands Arm
  • Christmas plum pudding @ Jellat
  • fresh abalone @ Wallagoot
  • plump oysters @ Pambula Lake
  • pizzas @ Bald Hills
  • frozen custard tart @ Tura
  • cherries @ Canowindra
  • thai @ Dubbo,

which pretty much sums up our trip …. and our waistlines.

We arrived home a few days ago. Bo waddled out to welcome us followed by the rest of the porkers. Bonnie wanted to know when Sarah was coming back.

The drought affected cows we bought from Roma last year are piling on the weight, the front dam is full and I am eating oysters kilpatrick on a frangipani-scented veranda.

Tomorrow I am going to send all the dogs to Weight Watchers. I may just join them.


8 responses to “Fat

  1. And a Happy New Year to you all! Sounds like a wonderful vacation. It’s good to see the abundant green pasture and fat cows at Rocky Springs. By the way, how are those chooks Brian brought home?

  2. Sometimes the fat times are the good times. Sounds like you had one of the best.

  3. Sounds like you had a great holiday, Kianinny looks stunning.

    • KIaninny is always stunning Anne and it is a very special place for me – stay tuned for the next post to see why. Maybe you and the family can get over to the Sapphire Coast and Kianinny one day – you wouldn’t be disappointed 🙂

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